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Day 274 – Just A Little Shopping

It’s been really fun going to different houses on the Home Tour this weekend! Everyone has such a lovely and unique style of decorating. And I’ve gotten some really great comments on our home, which makes me happy. 🙂 But I’ll admit, I won’t be sorry for the tour to be over. I love having people over, but I miss just being able to stand around at home or being able to just sit with my family in the house without wondering if someone is going to come all up into the house.

I wonder if this is what it’s like to live at The White House. *gigglesnorts*

Although they come over whenever, my sister and brother in law stopped over at the house today and he told me he reclaimed his stolen Twinkies!!

“No problem!” I thought. “I’ll just go get more!”

So while they were out touring, I snuck over to their house…

Day 274 - Just A Little Shopping

By the way, I don’t even actually LIKE Twinkies.

Shhh…let’s not tell him, though.

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Day 273 – If You Were Here

I mentioned over the weekend that I’m participating in the home tour that Tymmerie has organized for this coming weekend. I kinda ran around tonight [well, ran, lagged, and crashed around] trying to put the last touches on the house. I’m happy with it. It’s OUR home. It’s where we like to be and where our family and friends come over to hang out sometimes and it’s not this totally perfect, magazine ready home. I think that’s what’s been bothering me the most. Someone’s going to come into our home and be like, “Oh. Well, this isn’t good.” I can’t stop someone from thinking that, of course, but you know… I’d rather it not happen. LOL

But, there’s not much more about it I can do. I like our home. Aldwyn likes our home. We’re the ones that live there. So to those participating in the tour and coming over… I promise I won’t judge your house if you don’t judge mine! 🙂

Since this will be going on all weekend, I decided to set my home position up in the sky for a bit. Not that I’m going to just hide out there all weekend. I’m sure I’ll come down to say hi to folks. But I still have things to do and I’d hate to be half naked when someone comes into the house. Welcome to my home…and my boobs!

I’ve had Barneworth’s C88 house rezzed out on my platform for a while, so it seemed like a good place to set my home spot. And What Next has some awesome rocking chairs for Fifty Linden Friday this week, so I’ll sit and rock while people come over.

Day 273 - If You Were Here

I reconnected with an old friend today in SL, which was really nice. And I DJed a pirate party! It was pretty fun, and a great chance to hang out with people and with Abby during the evening. She was the cutest little pirate! I couldn’t take any pictures because my computer sucks so hard, but everyone looked really adorable.

Oh! And our anniversary party last night was really fun, too! Most of our nearest and dearest were there, and we had a great time! If you saw my style blog post, you saw my dress and our party area.

Goodness, I am yawning like crazy out of nowhere. Bedtime!

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Day 268 – Dream Baby

Oh my goodness, what an evening!

I’ve been meaning to sign up for the SL Home Decor Tour that Tymmerie has been putting together. We did a similar thing back in 2009 just for our little group and it was so fun! [Although I think I didn’t participate because I didn’t actually have a house or something. I don’t know. That was a weird year.] I definitely wanted to do it this time because I thought it would be the final push I needed to get our home finished up, and because you don’t get the list of SLurls of participants unless you participate yourself. Let’s face it, I’m nosy! 🙂

So I signed up. But in doing so, I started to get a little nuts.

I do home decor posts on occasion on the style blog. I enjoy it, but here’s a little secret. When I do a decor post, often times, it’s just a LOT of stuff popped into one little corner of a room. Just one little corner. The rest of the room is bare. So while people may see it and think, “Omg, that room is awesome!” It isn’t really. It’s half a room, or a fourth of a room, that’s awesome. And as great as that is for blog posts, it’s not that great for living in!

If you happened to see my post on last month’s The Garden, I still had that set up in the room, so I decided to expand upon it and turn the room into a small computer/tv room. Of course, I crashed about 320948 times because I keep getting the “Textures discarded due to insufficient memory” notice every few minutes [Can someone PLEASE help me with that?!] but I managed to get it done. I have ONE more room to finish up this week, plus fix some of the landscaping, and then we’ll be ready for the tour.

BUT, I still have to set up a party area, too! Our anniversary is coming up this week! We’ll be having a party on Wednesday the 18th at 8pm SLT. I can’t wait!

Only tonight… I’m pooped out. It’s definitely time for bed. Moving furniture is hard work!

Day 268 - Dream Baby