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Day 140 – The Story Never Ends

I had a really nice out of the blue IM yesterday from someone who wanted to tell me that she likes my blog, and likes the story ones. I like writing more of the “Roleplay” aspect of my SLife, but I don’t do it a whole lot for a couple of reasons. One, I’m alone a great deal in SL and while I can write fun stories about random crap I do, I doubt anyone wants to read “I stood in our living room for 2 hours staring at myself.” The best stories involve others and other places. And that leads me to two – I’m really SLazy. :-p I don’t leave Bluebonnet a whole lot unless it’s just to run into a store, grab something, and go. And setting up stories? Kind of tough sometimes!! Especially if I’m in a creative funk.

But, after talking a bit about this on plurk, I was surprised to see that others like stories, too. I think so many in my circle get just in this mindset that people just want to see our outfits, not read about our SLives or anything like that, and it’s not the case!! Maybe it was for a while, but it seems like that’s not true anymore.

So expect more stories in the future here. The story really never ends. 🙂

Day 140 - The story never ends

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Babysitting Day!

When Rylan announced that she was pregnant, I told her that I’d be a babysitter if she needed it. Well, you know, that’s what you say when your friends are pregnant! I didn’t know she’d make me stick to my word. When she asked me if I could babysit while she and Sixx went to buy baby Emma’s Christmas present, I couldn’t very well go back on my word. Especially when they rolled up in their “new” van. [And knocked over our mailbox.]

Babysitting - Hi guys

After they took off [and THAT was dramatic], I realized that I hadn’t been with a baby in a long long time!

Babysitting - So now what

I settled Emma down for a moment and ran out to the garage to unpack some of our boxes. If you recall, I collect Linden bears and other teddy bears. I also have an assortment of cute little toys that people thought I would enjoy. I figured there had to be something in there the baby would like to play with.

Babysitting - Finding toys

We hit our groove pretty fast. She’s quite the patient kid, but I guess that comes from living with her parents. She also has a great appreciation of music, so we sat around listening to some tunes. She liked the records a lot. I think she has a calling as a DJ!

Babysitting - Music time

Of course, Rylan kept calling. Nervous mother!

Babysitting - She's perfectly fine

“Emma’s just fine! We’ve got music on and she’s playing with some toys while I do a load of laundry! Everything is fine!”

Babysitting - I'll have to call you back

“Oh…I’m going to have to call you back. The um…the dryer is done! We’re fine! Bye!”

Once Emma finished um…helping me with the laundry, I settled her back down with some toys. This motherhood thing really isn’t as hard as people make it out to be. In fact, now that the laundry is finished, and she’s happily playing with her toys, I think it’s time to enjoy an afternoon glass of wine.

Gah, there goes the phone again.

“Rylan, she’s FINE. We’re just chilling and having fun and she’s happy playing with toys and looking at the Christmas tree! She’s FIIIINE. I’m looking at her ri… “

Babysitting - She's checking out the tree

“She’s very into the Christmas tree so don’t worry andwe’llseeyouguyssoonBYE!”

Quite the explorer, little Emma.

After I put her back on the ground, I realized that me and my wine were going to have to keep closer to her. So we all sat by the tree while Emma happily plucked ornaments off for a while. Nothing that can’t be fixed!

Babysitting - Under the tree

We spent the rest of the afternoon playing with toys and she was very happy sitting in the teddy bear chair for tinies that I got while on a mad Linden bear collecting spree a few years ago. I knew it would come in handy one day! But you know, I had the strangest feeling while we were on the floor playing that someone was watching us. I don’t know. Maybe this wine was bad or something.

Babysitting - Settling down to play

No matter, because Rylan and Sixx pulled up soon to take little Emma home. I went around picking up toys and putting ornaments back on the tree. The house was clean and quiet again, but it seemed a lot more empty. Who knows? Maybe it’s time we think about expanding our family.

Babysitting - Maybe it's time