And yet another one.

So today was my birthday. I wasn’t really looking forward to it. I know. Me, the girl who loves birthdays to the point of needing to celebrate twice in a month. But when you lose someone close to you, you always think random, little thoughts. “She would have been this old this year. I just turned this age and when she was this age…” Etc, etc.

I turned older than my sister this year. I mean, technically, I reached that milestone last November. But our numbers were the same and I could just NOT think about it. Now I’m older than she ever will be. In some ways, it feels like I reached a goal. I don’t know why, but it does. In other ways, it just makes me sad. She’d probably laugh. Finally the baby sister is old. That gives me a minor amount of comfort. But the whole thing has felt very weird to me and I’ve been extremely off kilter the past week or so. Sad. Angry. I’ve cried a lot. I’ve snapped at people who have done nothing to me. In a big way, it’s a relief that the day is almost over because I can move on from it.

My online friends, though… God, what would I do without them? What would I do without these people that call me family? They have been amazing. I’ve been surprised with all kinds of things, AND they are throwing me a party on Saturday night!! I’m so lucky and blessed to have them.

So I was going to show you guys pictures of the decorations in my house that the family put up. And I was going to show you pictures of our Bumblebee meeting tonight. But I actually got inspired! This is a picture I’ve been wanting to do FOREVER. Almost 3 years, which is like forever in SL! *laughs* But I couldn’t find all the pieces and of course my skills aren’t awesome. But I’m really happy that I was able to finally do it because I love this song and I find myself humming it a lot when I’m in SL.

Smiling out loud
Sailing through clouds
Life is so new
And all I know is that I’m drifting towards you

So don’t get in the way
I want this feeling to stay
Just let me keep falling, falling

So don’t catch me now
I just wanna keep on falling somehow
So don’t stop me now
I just wanna keep this going somehow
Keep on falling

Don't Catch Me Now


Day 54 – Weighing In

Whoops! Forgot to post yesterday. Well, okay, I REMEMBERED, but by the time I remembered, I was in bed and sleep > blogging sometimes.

So for the past couple of weeks I’ve had this scale out in the middle of our living room floor. And I keep getting asked, “OMG, are you weighing your avatar????” Well, yes, I am. But not in the way you think.

Day 54 - Weighing In

This is my nifty little script & memory use scale counter. You can buy it on the marketplace for just $3L. [Or ask me for one. They’re full perm.] I use it before I go to any events to make sure I’m not going to lag both the sim and myself out.

You’d be surprised how much lag YOU cause all by yourself. With AOs, radar tools, game HUDs, scripts in hair, jewelry, clothes, etc, you can really cause a lot of lag. You always hear the Lag Police out at events screaming for everyone to get naked, but what they should say is to take off all your scripted attachments. You can pretend that walking stark naked out into an event is reducing lag, but if you’re strutting in with your Chica Boom AO, MystiTool, Tiny Empires HUD, bracelet with a resizer script in each prim, and your hair with a color change hat – well, you might as well put your dress back on.

Btw, the new update to the MystiTool is awesome! It’s FAR less scripty than it used to be! I can wear it and my AO and still be totally under the acceptable weight limit. Of course, if I’m going out to an event, I still take pretty much everything off to at least try to reduce the lag on MY side.

Except my clothes. Because, you know. There’s a time and a place for that.

Another letter to SLanta!

It’s that time again for my yearly letter to SLanta to tell him what I’d like for Christmas! I know, I’m cutting it close this year!

Dear SLanta

Dear SLanta,

Hi! I’ve been very good and I think that this year, I deserve some stuff. Oh, don’t get me wrong. I probably have more stuff than should be legal, and I’m quite appreciative of it all! But it’s been a tough year in some spots, as you well know, so I think I should be allowed to ask for things this year! Are you ready? Here we go.

1. More mesh stuff! I need boots and shoes and dresses and tops and jeans and furniture!

2. More cute stuff to play with! A long time ago, I used to have tons of things to ride or pose with. But over the years, they’ve either broken or the quality is just ugly.

3. Jewelry. Casual jewelry, more specifically. Yeah, I know, I HAVE stuff. But I have a lot of big statement pieces or big formal jewelry. I need casual stuff to wear with jeans or delicate pieces to wear with dresses.

4. Cold hard cash. :-p Okay, just kidding, SLanta.

Really, I have pretty much almost everything a person could ask for in SL. I’m incredibly blessed. What I really want can’t be delivered in a bag. I want to be happy, for my friends and family to be happy, and for all of us to enjoy the time we have together. If there’s one thing I learned this year, it’s that our time together could be taken away in an instant, and we should enjoy each other while we can.

Well, except for the invisible horse, saddle hag, frowny mouth girls. I don’t enjoy them at all.

Merry Christmas, SLanta!

Ali ♥