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Life Is A Highway

First things first. I’m not sure anyone could possibly understand how much I love this car right now. I mean… this is honestly my most favorite car that I’ve ever had in SL and I used to have a hot pink one that flew. I’m so in love with this car! It’s from Consignment and you can get it at The Arcade this month. I LOVE IT.

Life Is A Highway

Okay, now that I’m done squealing about my new car…

All of my renters have left Bluebonnet. 😦 It’s sad. Emerald wrote a really lovely blogpost about her time on Bluebonnet, complete with pictures of the the fun she had living here. Some of them left me “notes” on their parcel info so I’d find them before they left. It’s been… emotional, to say the least. But honestly, that’s why I fought so hard to keep the sim running. It was them.

But, things change. Life is a highway and all that jazz. 🙂 And I am LOVING having the Oleanders living here now!! Oh gosh, you guys. The sim… well, it’s never looked so good! Lolita is doing such an amazing job, I am eager every day to run into SL and just be here! I was so stressed with the sim for so long, it was getting to where I didn’t want to log in at all because logging in meant chasing people for rent and everything associated with running this sim. To not have to do that anymore is incredible. And to live on what is becoming such an immensely beautiful sim is just wonderful!! She worked on half the island over the weekend while the other half was still occupied and I love it so much! Now she can start working on their own home and the other half and I can’t wait to see it all!

But the road is calling and my car and I have to go!

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It’s been a week since Aldwyn and I have been alone together, so tonight was really nice to just sit with each other as I redecorated our bedroom.


So we have all been busy busy doing our Arcade shopping! Of course, that means extras, so we have our Yard Sale set up on Bluebonnet. We even have an upstairs area for older items. When I was up there earlier, I noticed there were a few old rares from previous Arcade rounds. There’s a teleporter at the sale that takes you up to the older stuff, so it’s not all mixed together or anything. I haaaaate when yard sales have all their stuff mixed together. Separate them! When I’m on a mission to find this round’s stuff, I don’t want to look through all your stuff from last year’s rounds and also every other gacha event on the grid. :-p

I really had a lot more I was going to say in here tonight but I think I waited too long to start writing and now I’m really sleepy! Oh well, I guess there’s always tomorrow. 🙂

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Well, that was an amazing half hour.

So The Arcade started tonight. About an hour ago, in fact. It’s the first time in a while where hardly any of the family was able to be on and that made it just a little less enjoyable for me. Of course, now that they’ve moved sims, it’s not as fun as it was when some of the family were out banging against the sim borders and laughing about it! I never even got to do the border thing because by the time I got my new computer, they’d moved sims!

But I stayed up anyway. One of my friends got an early pass, so he was set up and ready to sell at midnight. My niece Bella is a mod this time around, so she also got in early and was ready to sell at midnight, too. And then the old shopping sickness hit me.

For 30 minutes, I went crazy.

I ran first to Matthew’s sale. Click click CLICKCLICKCLICKCLICK. I bought lots of things off my wishlist. Then I ran back to Bluebonnet and picked up a few more things from Bella. Then someone on plurk posted their sale and I went there and bought some more things from the list.

It took me about 30 minutes to buy many things off my list. To be perfectly honest, I got home and barely knew what had happened. I used to have a shopping addiction, years and years ago, and that’s what this reminded me of. I bought and bought.

Of course, unlike back then, I only spent around $11. *laughs*

Still, it was a fun 30 minutes. There are more things I need off my list, of course. But I can do the rest a little more slowly with the family, and Aldwyn is a really good shopper/trader and he always gets me the good rares that I want.

But I got animals. So I’m happy. 🙂

Well, that was an amazing half hour

I need to do more landscaping on our parcel. Now that it’s snowy, I want to do a bigger overhaul of the parcel, but I am not the best at this stuff. I would just hire someone to come do it for me, but oh hey, I spent almost all my $L on animals. LOL! Such is SLife. 🙂

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Well, it’s kinda never ending?

Good grief, almost 2 weeks away? What’s wrong with me?? LOL! Just blame it on The Arcade and being pretty lazy, I guess. It’s not that I haven’t had things to say, but … well, things happen. 🙂 Have you completed your Arcade shopping lists yet? Aldwyn helped me out and we finished up my list on Saturday. Awesome, right?? If you are still looking for stuff, check out our yard sale!! We have commons at pull price and rares that are marked up a bit, but still not that bad.

So last night, we went to this place called Escapades and it was supposed to be a game where we killed aliens and did stuff. It was kind of fun, although we didn’t quite understand what we were doing! We ran all over and hit random things that came out at us, but mostly it was just fun to explore with the family. Oh, and we got prizes here and there. Like… FALCOR!!

Well, it's kinda never ending?

That’s not the best picture in the world, but it’s not easy to ride Falcor and take pics at the same time, you know.

Bedtime for me! Sorry I’ve been so boring in here lately. I need to get back in the habit of blogging my thoughts and stuff!

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Ever So Spoiled!

It’s been 4 days into The Arcade and I’m almost completely finished with my list! Well, wait. I mean… Aldwyn is almost finished with my list. *laughs* See, being married to a fashion blogger often has its drawbacks in that he can almost never gift me with items because I already blog for most of my favorite stores, and the other ones, I just shop immediately. So The Arcade is when he gets to shine and get me the things I want most. Plus, I can’t make it TO the actual event because my computer is crap. In fact, Sunday was AWFUL because I actually woke up to a dead computer. Omg, I was freaking out! I do a lot of things [non-SL related] online and to be without my computer would be terrible. Luckily it was just an overheated processor. Did you know you have to actually open your computer up and clean it? *snickers*

But Aldwyn has gotten me almost everything on my list, my girls picked up some items from me, my niece gave me some things, and I’ve shopped our Yard Sale like crazy. I’m just so thrilled with everything! The little fairies from Ohmai and the gnomes from Mutresse make my heart smile.

Ever So Spoiled

I’ve rezzed some of the fairy companions and made them bigger and put them in the garden with the gnomes. You’ll see it tomorrow in my style blog when I finally get my picture up. But I couldn’t resist taking this pic. If you read my style blog, you’ll see them in the picture. Since most people who read that one don’t read this one, it’s like y’all get something extra! [Well, kind of? LOL]

I’ve had a super long day, though, so I think I’m going to bed. Oh, btw, if you have Arcade trades you want to make, Aldwyn has a whole list here. He’s pretty good at trading! 🙂

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Day 339 – Heart Full Of Rainbows

What a wonderful day our family has had! This weekend has really been awesome because we’ve gotten to spend so much time together hanging out at the yard sale. Earlier, Abby told us to just type “Wear” into our inventory and see what comes up. That’s how I ended up looking like this.

Day 339 - Heart Full Of Rainbows

Our family grew some tonight, too! The Oleanders asked Riley to go on trial with them! If you’re not familiar with the whole adoption thing in SL, families usually go on a “trial” run with each other – usually about a week, sometimes longer or shorter – to see how they like being around each other, to see if the timing works, and just to see if they feel comfortable being family. If things don’t work out, then the parents or the kid can end the trial and go their separate ways without too many hurt feelings. I think the trial will go really well because we’ve been hanging out with Riley a lot and she seems to fit in pretty well with the Oleanders, and with us, too. Our family is pretty tight these days – everyone has a say in things!

But sometimes a trial isn’t necessary. And it wasn’t necessary when the Oleanders invited us all to a tea party and then asked Payton, their goddaughter, to become their daughter!! She’s been their goddaughter since October and we all just adore her, so when they planned on asking her, we were thrilled! Of course she said yes, because she’s really been part of the family all along, it just needed to be official! Then we got to sit and vote on her new middle name because she asked if they would give her one, and if we’d left it up to Raven, she’d have been Payton Enchilada. LOL! But now she’s Payton Victoria Oleander. 🙂

Best of all, Aldwyn came home from his trip tonight! Abby and I were totally happy because we missed him bunches. And, because he loves me soooo much, he immediately got to work on my Arcade wishlist!! He’s FAST, too. I really really didn’t expect him to get started on it tonight, but he practically finished the whole thing! He even managed to put some things out at the yard sale tonight before finally needing to pass out. Traveling always exhausts me, so I was surprised he even made it in tonight, much less had the energy to shop! I have the best husband.

Oh, and before anyone asks- No. Aldwyn and I are not planning on adopting any other kids right now. We’re totally happy with Abby being our one and only kid. Plus, we only have a two bedroom house and if we got another kid, they’d have to sleep in the garage or out in a tent in the backyard! *snickers* I did tell Abby if she ever met another kid in SL that she felt would be a good sibling for her, we’d consider it. So uh, I guess if you ever wanted to be adopted by me, you better suck up to Abby a lot. LOL!!!

My heart is full of rainbows and sunshine tonight. 🙂

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Day 338 – No shoplifters here!!

I’ve been putting all the kids to work. They spent most of last night in the yard sale area making sure there are no shoplifters. Don’t let their small size and total cuteness fool you! They are fast little ninjas!

Day 338 - No shoplifters here!!

We had SUCH a blast last night hanging out at the yard sale! Tons of people stopped by and hung out and shopped. My sis has so much stuff out! I did a fair amount of shopping myself! Once Aldwyn gets home, he’ll be adding to the lot, too, because of course there are still things I need. Although, I did put a big dent in my wish list last night just shopping off my sis and having her and Abby give me things. ♥

Speaking of shopping, it’s time to log in and hit the yard sale!!

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Day 299 – But He Didn’t Cry This Time!

So The Arcade started last night. I told Aldwyn that his buying me what I wanted on my list could be my Christmas present this year. Unlike the last round, my list was only 3 and a half pages long. Last time it was like 6 pages and I’m pretty sure he cried.

He’s done so so well and my list now is just a little over half a page long now. Yay!!

Day 299 - But he didn't cry this time!

Of course, that does mean that he has lots of extras. But the family got together and we’ve got a Yard Sale going on over on Bluebonnet. There’s lots of stuff, including some rare stuff. And I think it’s all just priced at the gacha price, because we’re not total jerks.

Speaking of people who are kinda jerks, though, I did have to return peoples’ stuff from the yard sale today. It’s probably my fault for leaving the land to public rez, but why would you go to someone’s sale and rez your stuff when you don’t even KNOW the owner of the land? That’s just kinda rude. Especially since they were taking up like 300 prims. Nope nope nope. I probably would have let them had they bothered to ask first. Probably.

We’ve also reached that time of the year where I will never know what day it is. I’ve spent all day today thinking it was Monday. Sighs. Someone buy me a calendar, please. 🙂

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Day 262 – He Did The Work For You

It’s been a super fun Arcade weekend!! I’m missing just ONE thing from my list, the Gone Wild mermaids from Culprit. If you guys see them anywhere or you want to sell yours, let me know! I’ll pay twice the gacha price for them.

Since the family has been shopping soooo much this weekend, and we were almost out of prims at The Family yard sale, we opened up a part of Bluebonnet for our family to come set up if they didn’t have room over there, along with letting some of the Bluebonnet residents set up if they want to sell things, too.

Day 262 - He Did The Work For You

You can find the Lima Heights Yard Sale here. 🙂 There’s lots of stuff, a few rares, etc.

I don’t know how long we’ll leave the sale up for. Our Arcade shopping is just about done, but it depends on how long the family and the Bluebonnet folks need a place to sell. 🙂 We’ve had a ton of fun setting up and having so many people come by to shop and hang out!

One of our friends stopped by the yard sale and started laughing at all the things Aldwyn had put out because it became very obvious that he had bought a TON of things trying to get me what I wanted. I can’t help it, he wants me to have what I want. 🙂

I’m extremely tired, so it’s bedtime for this girl.

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Day 261 – Happiness Is A Full Inventory

Well, if you couldn’t tell by the last two posts, my dear husband has been preparing for The Arcade for a week. Usually there are just a few things I want, and maybe a collection or two, but the designers really brought it this round with home decor and other cute stuff, so…

This was the first time I’ve stayed up for the midnight opening. Not that I ever got in, but my family did! Not IN in, but around the sim and they were able to cam in. Between my husband and my sister, I’ve really cleaned up in the past 24 hours!

Day 261 - Happiness Is A Full Inventory

If you’re more like me and you enjoy hitting the yard sales for what you want, my family is having a small one! You can come here and find some cute stuff. Not a lot of rares, though, if that’s what you’re looking for. Not yet, anyway. 🙂

I’m yawning like crazy. I think it might be an early night for me.