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Day 228 – Hey Little Princess

Yes, ladies and gentlemen. He did it. My darling husband caught me the Princess Piglet!

Day 228 - Hey Little Princess

I have to say, Aldwyn is REALLY REALLY good at this gacha thing. The other day I kept logging in to more and more presents on our hallway tables. He completed almost every collection that I wanted! I knew I married him for some reason. 🙂

But truly, this whole gacha thing made me realize how spoiled I really am. I mean, he could have just thrown some money at me and said “Go play.” Or he could have told me that all this gacha stuff was kinda dumb considering the last two rounds of The Arcade, I went nuts trying to get stuff and pretty much nothing has been seen since then. But nope! He went to play, he scoured yard sales, he joined a gacha hunting group. All because I couldn’t rest without a collection of pigs and a bunch of skins and some makeup things. Is that love or what?

[Well…love, or he just didn’t want to hear me whine for the next few weeks. Either one!]

Even though I’ve been collecting gacha items, I’ve also been tackling my runaway inventory this week. I started on Tuesday at just over 95k. I know, I know, but my favorite color is fatpack!! I started being RUTHLESS. I was actually kind of surprised at how much texture stuff I still had from 2009-2011. Not that there’s anything wrong with texture stuff and I still wear some on occasion, mesh is my preferred clothing choices, and let’s face it – anything from 2009 is pretty dated anyway! I am now under 79k, which is pretty darn good, I think! I didn’t even stop to try things on. I just did a lot of deleting. Now the next big thing is to start getting into my furniture and decor folders. There are plenty of awesome items that I have that are old and still look good, but I know I have some old clunker items that can easily be tossed.

But, that’s a project for another day. Now it’s time for bed. 🙂

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Day 227 – Oink Oink Oink

I’ve mentioned before that I have a pretty cool SL husband, right? Keep that in mind as I tell this story.

So The Arcade is happening and all, but after looking at the shopping guide, I decided there wasn’t anything that I simply HAD TO HAVE all the items in a collection from. [Is that sentence grammatically correct? Probably not. Whatev.] I figured I’d just go to some yard sales, pick out a few things I liked, and that would be that. Most of what I liked wasn’t a rare item, so I figured it would be fine.

The night before it officially opened, I got gifted with some of the parts of the Tres Blah set. Vanity table, dress form, all kinds of makeup. Well DAMN. It’s all so cute, I must have it all. Including the rare makeup bag and the compact.

Oh no.

And then… THEN… I got one of the Ohmai piglets. PIGLETS, Y’ALL. In costumes! In teacups! That was that for me. I lost my mind and decided I needed all of them!! [Well, except for the originals. They’re cute, but I needed piglets in costumes.] [Oh, but ask me again later if I end up getting the originals. The answer will probably be yes.]

Here lies the problem. I’ve been awfully crashy lately. I switched to the SL viewer from Firestorm because Firestorm runs ridiculously bloated on my computer and that did help some. But I think the main problem is my computer itself, and there’s not a heck of a lot I can do about that right now. There was no way I’d be able to get into The Arcade and shop, even if I somehow managed to squeeze my way into the sim. Even going to the yard sales was pretty iffy. But I simply NEEDED all the pigs!!

Aldwyn, being pretty cool and quite willing to help me out, has been scouring yard sales and hitting The Arcade for me. He’s gotten me almost all the piglets! AND the rare makeup bag and compact! That’s a great guy who will go buy your makeup for you! LOL! This morning I woke up to presents on the tables. So happy!!

Day 227 - Oink Oink Oink

I am missing ONE piglet – the Princess Piglet. I cannot get it out of my head that my collection is not complete. It’s so bad that yesterday as I was driving home, I saw a sign for a yard sale and actually, for a brief moment, wondered if they had pigs. Then it was that slap-yourself-on-the-forehead moment when you realize that you’ve probably just lost your mind.

But lost mind or not, I cannot rest until the Princess Piglet is mine. I just can’t.

And also the Paris sculpture and the brown curio cabinet from Pilot.

And the Glam Affair skins 1 and 4.

And most of the Pink Fuel skins.

And the Cloud tent from Floorplan.

THEN I can rest.

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Day 226 – So Kiki Cute!!

In my old SL age, I’m starting to not like going to big gacha events. I want what I want when I want it, you know? I love gacha, but the big events overwhelm me. However, I ADORE the yard sales that pop up when The Arcade starts!! Especially since there are always so many unbelievable designers that take part! I didn’t know in advance that the Kiki doll from The Secret Store’s gacha was actually an avatar. I thought it was just a doll and I wanted it for decoration. But omg, how cute am I now??

Day 226 - So Kiki Cute

I’m planning on running back in soon to check out more yard sales. I still need the makeup bag from Tres Blah, the Harry Porker and the Princess teacup piggies, and the Pink Fuel skins. And possibly more Glam Affair skins. Possibly.

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Day 202 – I Have A Problem!

I seem to have a gacha problem. I want too much!! I’ve been hitting the yardsales but I can’t always find what I want. Luckily for me, Aldwyn humors my intense need for useless crap and he headed off to The Arcade for me tonight. He even managed to get me the Princess dollhouse on the first try!! Then I put some plushies in it. And a tornado on top.

Day 202 - I have a problem!

He managed to get me all the band instruments, but still not the antlers I want. This is my list of things I neeeeed.

* Whimsy antlers from Half Deer
* Von D skin from Pink Fuel
* All the Pilot dollhouse stuff except the dining set and the steak dinners
* The Turquoise teardrop trailer from Floorplan
* Silver crown charm from Noodles
* Turquoise honey bee necklace from Maxi Gossamer

Most of those are rares in the machines. Of course. Naturally. I couldn’t just want the common stuff, right?? Ugh. LOL

But my hardcore gacha shopping will need to be put on hold for a bit because tier time is coming up and I don’t think the Bluebonnet residents would be exceptionally happy to find themselves homeless because I chose to spend all the tier money trying to get antlers.

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Day 201 – Band Camp

Most people who know me know that I’m a huge band nerd. For many years, marching band was my passion. I had actually planned on making it my career. But, life doesn’t always go the way you want and things change, so now I’m just a marching band aficionado. Earlier today I hit up some gacha yardsales and then finally made my way into The Arcade where I saw the instruments from Balaclava. I got a couple, just for fun, but I didn’t realize how happy they were going to make me!! I truly want the entire collection!!!!

Day 201 - Band Camp

I had just the worst gacha luck today! Well, I should say I had bad inventory luck, actually. I hit up some really decent yard sales but being that they were decent, they were CROWDED. So I crashed a lot. And in my crashing, I lost items that I’d just bought. SADFACE. I was especially sad when I lost my skates and TWO trailers today, including the Audrey one that I was actually going for! Well, the Audrey and the Turquoise are the ones I really want, but while at the Arcade I did manage to get the Audrey and the crashed and SL ate it!!! Luckily, I have really decent friends who took pity on me and gave me the color skates I bought and lost, and also an Audrey trailer. There are a few other things I bought and lost, but there’s really nothing I can do about that except try to find them again at yard sales.

Now, I like the yard sales a lot. I really do. I think that if you WANT something and don’t have the money to keep plugging into a machine to get the color or item you want, and someone else has an extra, it’s really a great system. What I DON’T like is when someone thinks because an item is a rare, they’re allowed to mark it up to high heaven. I saw a $50L charm earlier for $600L. C’mon now. The point of playing gacha is really not to break even or profit off of someone else’s work, you know? We’re not playing Kittycats or Meeroos. I know some creators have been kind of put off over folks marking their stuff up to over $1000L, and some others who don’t care, but I think the practice of doing it is super super tacky.

I don’t really remember huge yard sales popping up when Albero used to have the gacha festivals, do you? People just traded for what they wanted, or just freely gave duplicates to their friends as gifts. Now I WAS spoiled yesterday with duplicates, which was really nice and I’m really grateful to my dear friend, but it doesn’t seem quite as common any more and I don’t know why that is. It would be wrong to say that the quality of the items is just a lot better because some of the same people participated in the Albero festivals. And I know that mesh does seem to make everything a little better, too, but I can’t say that’s a huge factor either. I just really don’t know what it is.

That all being said, if anyone has a Turquoise trailer to sell, let me know. 🙂 But if you try to sell it to me for $1000L, I’ll hit you in the face.

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Day 167 – Just A Picture

I don’t really have much to talk about today. It’s been a quiet weekend for me and aside from decorating and hitting up some yard sales for The Arcade, I haven’t done much. [BTW, if anyone has the Primrose cottage and the table from Pilot from The Arcade, and you want to give me a gift… :-p Or I’ll buy them from you for twice the cost of the gacha, but not higher.]

Anyway, I took this picture tonight. Thought it was pretty enough. 🙂

Day 167 - Just a picture

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Day 144 – Why didn’t anyone stop me?

Many many years ago, I was in a job that paid well, but I was desperately miserable at. It wasn’t terribly hard, and I was extremely good at what I was doing, but I was just unhappy as could be. To make up for my growing unhappiness, I developed a big shopping problem. Designer handbags, makeup by the box load, every book that caught my eye, shirts and jeans and funny colorful socks, and most every scent of candle at Yankee Candle – they all found their way into my hands and into my home. And while that sounds okay, it wasn’t. I would walk into stores, feel euphoric that I was shopping, and then everything would blank out around me. Sometimes I would find myself back at home surrounded by bags of junk and not even remember how I got back to the apartment.

I had a problem. A big one. While the shopping made me happy for a few minutes, it didn’t make me happy forever, and I was wasting money that I should have been saving. Eventually I left that job and being a lot happier, I stopped shopping so much. In fact, it’s pretty rare now that I buy anything for myself except maybe nail polish or lip gloss once in a while. Or funny colorful socks, which I still have a love for. But last night and today in Second Life, I found myself back in that blacked out, euphoric, how the hell did I get home? kind of place again.

Day 144 - Why didn't anyone stop me????

I’ve been kind of down in the dumps the past 2-3 days. Part of it is the weather. I don’t do well in rainy, gray, yucky kind of weather. The other part is just me being sad. So going to The Arcade was a mistake. There are many cute things, but I didn’t need most of them. I just needed to shop. It made me happy for a little bit. But now here I am, still down, holding these items that will probably never see the light of day again, and kicking myself for spending so much.

Blah. I’ll get over it. I just needed to vent a little. We can’t be up all the time.

At least I got the platinum hamster I wanted. So there’s that.