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Even fairies have to take a bath.

The girls complain about their chores sometimes. But hey… guess who did her chores tonight with noooo problems?

Guess who did her chores? It's me!

It’s ME! *laughs*

I don’t usually do the choreboard chores because I do other things, but sometimes you just gotta show your kids how it’s done! And yes, I’m still wearing my wings from the party. They’re too pretty to take off!! Maybe I’ll be a fairy forever.

Well…or at least until my next fashion blog post.

I just realized that I never showed you guys the decorations that the family left in our dining room for my birthday. They were ninjas and set it all up, and then when I finally logged in on Thursday, I ALMOST didn’t see it! I had gone directly to my bedroom to change for scouts and if the girls hadn’t been downstairs, I might have missed them entirely until much later!

My surprise birthday decorations!

Isn’t it all just so festive?? Pretty soon I’m gonna have to pick it all up but…not yet. I like it there.

It’s definitely bedtime. Tomorrow starts a brand new week!

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The Choreboard

“I think having us do chores is child abuse.”

“I think it builds character.”

My girls would snicker when they heard about their Oleander cousins having to do chores. Pick up their toys? Nope, not them! Brush their hair? Abby wouldn’t have won the “Messiest Hair” award at camp if she did that! Take a bath? Nahhhhh.

But the threat was always there. Lolita had been offering to get me a choreboard ever since Abby came to live with us last year. There was just never a good time. When she came to us, there was adjusting to be done. Then the holidays came. Then winter camp. Then the Bahamas. When we got home from vacation, it was barely 2 weeks before we found Birdy. Then her adoption. Then summer camp. There is a lot of stuff that happens when you have a family!

Now that camp is over, we have no plan on getting any new kids any time soon, and we can settle down… Well, guess what my sis sent me to get?


Quick Snap - The Choreboard

So now they have to pick up their toys, make their beds, brush their hair and teeth, and take a bath every week. I don’t think asking them to take a bath once a week is too much, do you? *laughs*

I can’t wait to see how they try to get out of this. Because, c’mon. They’re my girls. Of course they’re gonna try!!