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Day 329 – Back Together!

End of camp! End of camp! Starting around 4pm, people started asking in the parents’ group, “WHEN CAN WE GET OUR KIDS?!” But they had a long long talent show, and awards to give out, and ugh! It seemed like camp would never end!

To distract myself, I hopped over to Ulaa’s new home to look around. It’s very cute so far, but it was missing one thing… A picture of me!!

Oh hiiiii!

She came home just as I was hanging up my picture. I tried to run, but she caught me anyway.

Then it was after 7 and camp STILL wasn’t over when I went on a ninja mission and broke Abby out. I needed my little one back!!

Day 329 - Back Together!

[And sorry, that’s a crappy picture. It was a screencap.]

[Also, it wasn’t so much of a ninja mission as it was me teleporting her home since she’d packed all of her things. But ninja mission sounds way better.]

She was so happy to be home and I was so happy to have her home! Of course, within 5 minutes of her being home, I dunked her in the pond, but well, the kids don’t really shower much at camp.

We spent the rest of the night hanging out with Ulaa, and Aldwyn came home a little while before Abby had to go to bed, so he got to see her, too.

My little family is back together and I could not be happier. And soon we’ll have a family night with the Oleanders, and Abby wants to have a sleepover with her new camp friends, and we’ll be getting our new house soon so there will be lots to decorate and landscape around. My SLife is so busy and full. I am in love with it!

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Day 222 – Hiding in SL

I’ve had a weird couple of weeks. It hasn’t led to interesting blog posts, that’s for sure. :-p I mentioned last month that my mom had her medical issues, remember? She had more tests done on Tuesday just because the doctors are still trying very hard to determine WHAT caused her major anemia. They can’t believe anyone would get that anemic without some kind of big medical problem. Or being vegan. lol Sorry to all the vegans out there, but she was asked if she was one when she was in the hospital.

The problem was that these tests were invasive, and my mom is highly dramatic even on a normal day. So for the past two weeks, she’s been a ball of anxiety, and so I’VE been a bigger ball of major anxiety because I’m my mother’s daughter and that’s how we roll. So I’ve had my panic attacks and been pretty much a bear to live with or be around.

Luckily, they didn’t find anything crazy going on. No huge internal bleeds, no crazy problems. I couldn’t tell if the doctor was relieved or kind of annoyed that the tests showed that everything was basically fine and she just showed the normal wear and tear of a 68 year old woman.

After a very very good night’s sleep, I woke up today wanting to just eat junk food and kind of hide in SL. Do you ever feel like that? Like you just can’t wait to get back in there even if all you do is sit around?

Day 222 - Hiding in SL

I actually got to spend some time with Aldwyn tonight, which was great. We never have nearly enough time together even on a regular day, so it was good to go out on the grid with him. I also got to see one of the homes Ulaa is working on for Home Expo, and I have a feeling we’ll be switching houses soon. It’s definitely a family sized house, which we don’t really NEED [yet] but I like it a lot!

I spent a great part of the evening working on making fingernails to go with the SLink avatar enhancement hands. It’s so fun! I have very much enjoyed all the pretty nails that other people have been making but they all looked, as many things in SL can look, just very very perfect. And that makes sense since the people making them seem to have some pretty decent Photoshop skills. I wanted some nails that look like I would have painted them myself. Just kind of cute, but definitely not perfect. I applied for a developers kit and Siddean gave it to me on Sunday. I just couldn’t wait to get started but I couldn’t get started until today. My plurk friends are totally amazing people and helped me out a LOT in learning how to put a “shine” to the nails. It didn’t come out just like I wanted, but for my very very limited skills, I’m just pleased as punch with what I did!!! It was also loads of fun learning how to put the HUD together and all that. Mine looks very plain and basic compared to what others have done, but it’s not like people wear the HUD to a fancy party, right? :-p I’m going to put it up on Marketplace for cheap once I get it done completely. But oh, I just want to make more nails!!

I’m completely and totally behind in blogging some other stuff, though. Well, not that I’m all that fast with blogging to begin with, but I FEEL like I’m behind. Hopefully all the medical issues and stuff will calm down for a while so that I can calm myself down and get back to whatever passes for normal around here. 🙂

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Day 195 – We’re so valentine.

I hope everyone had a great Valentine’s Day! I mean, really? How could you NOT have a great one with that WHOLE TEN LINDENS that LL gave us if we had logged in yesterday before 7:30pm SLT? I, of course, spent part of mine wisely and got this dollarbie tree and this hearts headband. $2L, y’all! Woooo!

Day 195 - We're so valentine

Ulaa came to sit with my on my cow since we’re still homeless. But I guess she got tired of the cow because she said she was going to go finish our new house because it’s all kinds of sad over on our parcel.

So no worries, y’all. This might be the last cow pic for a while!

I have something to actually discuss later but it’s late and I have to get up early.

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Day 174 – Like Sister Wives, But Better.

I’m sad again today. Another one of my plurk friends, Erica Harcourt, passed away. She was only 30. I wasn’t super close to her and I won’t pretend to be, but she was a kind person to me. Back in January when I was really sick, she sent me some texts just to check up on me. She was a good person, and she will be very much missed.

But it certainly makes you appreciate your remaining friends a lot more when you lose one…or two…in the course of a week. I told my plurk friends to promise me that they’ll take care of themselves this year – I really couldn’t stand to lose anyone else.

Like I mentioned yesterday, Ulaa, Aldwyn and I finally got together to take our holiday picture. Well, as Ulaa put it, “We should take our asshole Christmas picture.” LOL!!

As we were getting ready to pose, I said it looked like a big cold orgy. She said I was the cream in the Oreo. Either way, this is what came out.

Day 174 - Like Sister Wives, But Better

Everyone’s ass looks huge in this picture.

I don’t even know, y’all. I don’t even know.

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Day 173 – Like the cream in the cookie

We haven’t had a chance to take a holiday picture this year, so finding ourselves all online at the same time with some spare minutes, we hopped up in my snow globe to snap a few pics.

Day 173 - Like the cream in the cookie

It’s really hard to be a model some days.

Since some people have been asking me about the New Year’s Eve Eve party [RYLAN.] – well… yes, it’s still on. 🙂 It’s going to be a smaller event this year than in the past few years. We’ll be in our gazebo and it’ll be just a time to dance and enjoy each other’s company. I’m still not sure of the time yet, but it’ll be Sunday, the 30th, probably around 7 or 8pm SLT. I’ll lock down the details tomorrow when I know about my schedule more. But I would definitely love to see all my friends and readers there!

Bedtime for this girl. 🙂

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Day 172 – In The Still Of The Night

We’re all still down tonight. I guess that’s to be expected for a while. Even though in my heart I know she wouldn’t want us to be sad, it’s hard not to be. And believing as I do, I know she’s in a better place where she’s strong and healthy and walking tall. To be sad for too long is selfish of me. As she would say, “Suck it up, princess!”

We’re planning on building a little memorial garden on Bluebonnet on Renee’s parcel at some point. Well, Ulaa plans on building it. I don’t have much talent for that. Whenever it’s finished, I’ll post the SLurl so people can come visit if they want.

But for tonight, it’s nice to just be here – quietly.

Day 172 - In the still of the night

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Day 170 – Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve! No, I’m actually not in the Christmas mood still, but I’m quite thankful to the wonderful designers that have given items so freely over the past month. Especially since that’s PRETTY much the only time my poor alt, Piper, gets anything new!!

Day 170 - Christmas Eve

I got bored this evening and decided to overwork my computer to take a picture of Piper and myself in our matchy matchy outfits, skins, and hairs. Piper’s shape used to be quite tall and thin, but now she’s actually a bit smaller than me, more “teen” like. You can’t tell in this photo since we look almost exactly alike with the smiles, but I’m trying to get her face to look a bit more like Mila Kunis. Or Lucy Hale. I haven’t decided really which way I’m going. Of course, the next time I bother pulling her out to play with, I’ll probably make her tall and more athletic looking. The last time I had changed her shape was last December. So here’s looking to December 2013! :-p

Ulaa and I decided to take our alts out and about tonight to get freebies and stuff. Somehow we ended up at a club that is very… ummm…open with nudity. LOL! We were wearing freebie Christmas outfits that aren’t exactly high quality, but it didn’t really matter since we were immediately run into by a guy with an exposed peen, a naked she-male, and a girl with blingy earrings wearing a Shy Caramel skin.

Good music at the club, though. So there’s that.

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Day 154 – Happy Housewarming!

So Ulaa’s been living on Bluebonnet for like 2 years or something. Her parcel is where she makes all her Funky Junk goodness. But as any builder could tell you, sometimes your place is all filled up with your builds and you don’t really LIVE there. You’re just on a platform. Well, when a large parcel opened up on Bluebonnet recently, she jumped on it so that she could finally set up a home.

Me, being a great landlady and her best friend, I decided to make her a housewarming cake. I didn’t have time to make one for her myself, so I ran out to buy her one.

Day 154 - Happy Housewarming

What? It totally counts because I wrote on it myself AND topped it with something I made. I’m sure it’s totally tasty!!

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Day 128 – You and I’ll Be Safe and Sound

I always enjoy getting together with friends in SL when it’s not a just a party setting. I don’t really just “hang out” with others very often. Probably because I’m kind of a bad conversationalist. At least, I’m a bad conversationalist with people that I am not around much. If you asked Aldwyn, he’d probably tell you that I chatter on about absolutely nothing most of the time. :-p

But, tonight I did go and hang out for a while at the Oleanders’ place. We played Connect Four! It was super fun, even if I’m pretty spectacularly bad at it.

Connect Four at the Oleanders

After the game was over, and after I told Lolita and Takeo that I was just going to wander over to their house and look in their fridge from now on, I headed on home. And much to my surprise, everyone came home when I did!

Everyone Came Home

The living room still isn’t completely done, so don’t look at it too hard.

Ulaa had to leave us to go do other stuff, so Aldwyn and I headed to Maitreya because there’s new stuff there. I hadn’t planned on buying the new dress, but the darn demo got me and we decided I needed it. And boots. Because, you know… new. :-p I probably won’t blog the look just because everyone and their mom will do it, but it is super cute.

Of course, the best part of the day is ending it safe and sound in his arms. 🙂

Day 128 - You and I'll Be Safe and Sound

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Day 108 – Yes, again.

Yes, again. I changed houses on us yet again. Blame Ulaa. She comes out with a new house and I want to decorate it and live in it. I need a whole full sim just for us to have fully decorated houses. I started decorating tonight. Aldwyn says watching me decorate is like watching Samantha Stevens – things appear out of thin air and I move them around with my finger. Is this his nice way of calling me a witch? I guess it could be worse. He could have said I’m like Samantha Giancola.

Day 108 - Yes, again.

I’m up WAY later than normal because I was talking to Al & Ulaa on skype, but I really must get in bed. It’s another gym day tomorrow. Have I mentioned in here that I’ve started at a local gym? It’s nice! I have a trainer and everything because obviously I don’t know how to do stuff on my own anymore. But it means I’m usually dead tired by 11pm and that doesn’t leave me much time to hang out with people. But staying up late for those two is well worth it. At least, once in a while. :-p