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A Tiny Slice Of Heaven

We’re at our honeymoon spot!

A tiny slice of heaven

Jeremiah kept our honeymoon a secret from me. Oh yes, it drove me nuts not to know where we were going!! But last night we flew off to our destination and oh, it is just beautiful! It is exactly the kind of place I would have chosen!

We are staying in a lovely little cabin that is just as precious as can be. Our bedroom overlooks a little river and pond, and we are just a short walk from a private beach.

I’ll have more pictures and posts later, but right now we are just relaxing together and enjoying the first full day of married life. 💙

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Going Out Fancy Style

And then vacation was over.

We did up our last night in style, as usual, with a family formal dance! I DJed it, so the night was filled with some of our faves and a whole lot of mashups, since that’s what we like. Everyone looked wonderful and it was just a super fun night.

My sister and me.

Lolita and me, vacation formal

And Aldwyn and me.

Going Out Fancy Style

[I’ll actually have this pose up on marketplace at some point. I meant to do it back in February because this was a pose I made for our Valentine party, but I got lazy.]

The past two weeks really have been just wonderful. We have enjoyed ourselves immensely!! There were so many beautiful photos and so much fun. I’m going to miss it!

But after we got home tonight, Birdy said that as much as she loved going on vacation, it was really nice to see home again. She was totally right. 🙂

Huuuuuge thanks to my sister, Lolita, for putting all of this together for us!! You will get your chance to go on your own Greek island vacation soon. She will have all the information for renting in the coming days and I’ll post it when she does.

Now to sleep in my own bed!

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Caught Off Guard

Last night was a “free” vacation night, so I decided to take advantage of that and get our official spring family photo done. We usually do an official picture twice a year – spring and fall. Well, and our winter/Christmas photo. I have all our official photos on a wall in our house, starting with Aldwyn’s and my wedding photo. I love that particular wall of photos since I get to see our transition from it just being him and me to …. Well, this!

Zanzibar Family - Spring 2016

If you think it’s easy finding decent poses for 2 parents and 4 kids, you’d be wrong. *laughs* Luckily this gem was at the Pose Fair and I’ve been saving it for our spring photo. I think it came out pretty well, and I was happy that we did it on vacation so that along with being our first “real” photo as a family of 6, we also have a great memory attached to it.

So while I was working on the picture, Aldwyn and I were talking and he mentioned what some others have mentioned – It’s weird that he has a mesh head and I don’t. *laughs* Because as a blogger, you know. I’m supposed to be all on top of that stuff. But I’m a strange blogger because I will find a skin I like and just stick with it. For ages. For a longggg time. I just like being me, I guess. I do have a few heads from Genesis that I got from blogging for events or from a gacha, but it was just for blogging really. I mean, yeah, a lot of skin makers are only doing appliers for heads now, or at least doing them more often than a full skin. But I never could justify buying a head when I wasn’t quite sure I wanted to wear it full time. But then before I knew it, I was caught off guard as a head ended up in my inventory, courtesy of my husband who says he never gets to buy me anything.

Only…it wasn’t really the one I wanted. *laughs* I mean, I can use it for blogging! Believe me. It’s the Alex head from LOGO and tons of skin makers are making things just for that head. But I liked the Chloe one better because just with the base skin, it felt more like me. And … then Chloe ended up in my inventory, too. Welp.

So now I have a mesh head! I’m still not used to it. I went down to the store and picked up the other two expression packs for it, and a pack of lipsticks. I have spent a ton of time just staring at it. I think I like it. I don’t know really. I’m sure I’ll get used to it in time.

But Birdy made us all laugh last night after I got the head. “Did we really just take our picture and now she changed her face?!”

Blame your dad!!

Caught Off Guard

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Simple As This

Our vacation is still going wonderfully! The weekend was awesome, and we celebrated Easter together on Sunday with an egg hunt and a trip to our normal Easter hunt spot. Monday, we did some relaxing fishing and chatting. And tonight [Tuesday] was game night!

I’m kind of surprised at how quickly our vacation has gone so far. I guess that’s just how it is with vacations. Every day is busy busy and it just flies by!

I did have some time to just hang out by myself tonight, though. I let my inner boho girl fly free and just … was.

Simple As This

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Greeting The Day

I’ve been having massive insomnia this week. I think I just get so excited for everything we do at night, it takes me a long time to wind down. So that means I’ve been waking up much later than usual. But that’s okay because by the time I get my day started, people are up and about and doing their own thing, and I can enjoy breakfast and some alone time.

Greeting The Day

I’m sitting out by the coffee cart that is outside the pizza place. Mostly the guys make pizza and you’re kinda at their mercy as to what kind of pizza you get, but sometimes they will make you breakfast if you ask nicely. [And whine. A lot.]

It’s hard to believe that we’ve been out here for almost a week. It doesn’t feel like that long at all. We have seriously been having the best time! Last night, we decorated all of the eggs that the kids have been collecting from the chickens. Sunday, we’ll be visited by the bunny and there will be a big egg hunt for our kids. Excited!

Oh! Speaking of egg hunts, if you head out to the Larnia store, there is a big Easter hunt going on! It’s SO fun! You get a HUD and then follow the trail to find eggs. There is a handy notecard with hints, too. If you complete the whole thing, you get a special prize at the end. But each egg you find has a little prize in it for you. This hunt benefits the Dreamin’ In Purple RFL team, so if you do go out there to do it, please donate!

Tonight is our toga party, so I’m off to get toga ready!

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Diving In!

Last night we had a great time diving under the sea!

Diving In!

Pretty much everyone had snorkels and flippers, but I’m part mermaid, so I YOLOed it and just jumped in! The game for the evening was that we had to look for certain little sea creatures that were hidden in the ocean. I played one round, but then hopped back up on the dock to just take pictures of the kids. If you have me on plurk, I showed a bunch last night. I will upload them to Flickr eventually, I’m sure.

But, I did manage to get one of all of my kids! It’s hard to get them all in the same place at the same time!

My Little Divers

Tonight is a free night, nothing is planned. So everyone will have a chance to just explore and hang out and take pics. Oh! Speaking of pics, in my blog post yesterday, I had a picture of Aldwyn and me. If you want the pose we used, I have it up for sale on the marketplace now. People have actually been buying my poses, which is so weird! But also pretty cool when I log in and I have a few extra dollars. I know there are a lot of “tall guy, short girl” couples out there, though, so that’s probably why they’ve been selling. Of course, I think some of them could be used for parent/child pictures, too! *laughs*

Back to vacation!

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Doing That Tourist Thing

Hello everyone! We are having such a great time on vacation and we’ve only been here one full day!

Tonight we had our traditional photo scavenger hunt. We usually do this when we are in a new place so that everyone gets more comfortable with our vacation home. It’s very easy to get lost in a big place! So we got to run all over looking for things and exploring. It really gives us a chance to be tourists!

Doing That Tourist Thing

Now, I’m not gonna say that the hunt was a contest… but I will say I finished FIRST! 🙂 But the pictures the kids took were certainly a lot cuter than mine.

Speaking of pictures, if you are interested in looking at some of our vacation photos, you can check out our Greece vacation Flickr group! We’re updating it all the time with pics, so there is always something to see.

Tomorrow night… scuba diving!!

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We Made It!!

Oh gosh, you guys. I am so tired. But we did it! We made it to beautiful Greece!

The trip there was uneventful. Wellll… we did almost lose kids in the revolving door of the airport. And the elevator almost killed some people. And Heath might have maybe wandered into the air control tower. And Payton maybe went running across the runways. And we might have had to chase her telling her she wasn’t allowed to do that. And an old man in a raincoat might have possibly almost taken Riley away. [But he ran quickly once he listened to our family for a couple of minutes.] But despite all that, it was an easy trip!

Heading To Greece

After a 12 hour flight where we got to watch an in-flight video [I’ll link it at the bottom], we finally made it!!

It is beautiful here! It is the perfect mix of the old world, a country village, and a few present day conveniences. There are goats and sheep and chickens, too! We are staying in a charming little hotel up the hill from a small farm. The kids already have instructions to check the hens periodically for eggs because we will be spending Easter here, and we will need to have lots of eggs to dye for the bunny to hide for us! Our itinerary is pretty full for the two weeks we are vacationing, with things planned for the family almost nightly. I cannot wait to show you all lots of pictures of all the things we do and discover! Of course, if you follow any of us on plurk, you will get to see a lot of our little adventures.

But until later, here is a photo I took when we arrived. And now I’m going to sleep!

We Made It!!

[Our in-flight video, and the song for our trip!]

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Greece Is The Word!

The family OZ is headed to Greece!! Tonight we loaded up the car. I don’t know why Aldwyn looks surprised. Maybe he’s surprised because we didn’t pack as much as usual?

Greece Is The Word!

We are headed to sunny Greece for a 2 week vacation and I couldn’t be happier! We just love our family vacations, and this time we have 3 new kids coming with us! It’s always a great bonding experience for all of us, and also very relaxing and we love it!

Until next time… in Greece!!

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Back Home Again

Our rainforest vacation is over, and we headed back home today.

Back Home Again

We really did have the best time! It was so fun to be in a new place and with the family every day. I know it must sound silly to those who don’t do it, but SL vacations are much like RL ones. It’s a break from your normal, a chance to recharge your batteries, and an opportunity to bond more with your friends and/or family. And let’s face it, when someone like my sis plans a family vacation for us, she goes ALL OUT. We had something fun to do pretty much every day and of course the sim was ridiculously amazing. So much to do, so much to see!

Soooo… if you want your own rainforest vacation, she’s renting the place out weekly! It’ll be there until there are no more renters. If you head over to Lolita’s Flickr photo, you can see all of the info! I strongly urge you to do it!

Takeo made a little video of the place, too, so you can see all the goodies!

[Edit: It would be so helpful if I’d actually put the video in here. LOL]

I guess I better start unpacking. Back to our normal world!