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Day 195 – Still with the water

As you can see, I’m still having the strange water issue in 2.0.


I updated my drivers tonight, but alas, it did not fix the issue. It only happens in 2.0, never in Emerald, and it never happened before in the old SL client. So…I don’t know. Heck, I’d probably make the switch permanently over to 2.0 if the water didn’t look like hell when I took a picture.

I haven’t been in SL much the past few days. RL has kept me out for one reason or another. But hopefully things will calm down soon. I miss just hanging out.

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Day 155 – A little of this and that

Hahahaha! I always knew one day it would happen!

LOL!! Partnered!

Don’t get any ideas. 🙂 We’re just joking around.

Earlier today I went out to a mall to look for a shirt, and ran into Strawberry Singh. Isn’t she gorgeous? I look really pale next to her. LOL


Is anyone else having issues taking pictures of water using Viewer 2.0? I had my settings up to ultra and it’s just… not good.

2.0 water

With or without water reflections, it comes out all crazy. However, it only looks like that in photos, never in world. It looks gorgeous in world. The water is the only thing I hate about 2.0 photos, and it is kind of a big deal to me.

I just sneezed 3 times in a row. I think that means this post is finished.

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Day 142 – Um…excuse me?

Dear Linden Lab,

We’re friends, right? I normally support most of what you do, and I’m really a big fan. I don’t fangirl you anymore, but in general, I’m a pretty big fan.

You decided today that rolling out the new Viewer 2.0 to everyone, along with a new Terms of Service agreement, would be a pretty good thing to do. The biggest thing, and the one that I think a lot of us are upset over, is the new issue with the 3rd party viewers. Hey, I get the point. A few bad 3rd party bad apples ruined the bunch. The viewer code that you allowed people to use and fix and make into wonderful was used to make horrible viewers that ripped off other peoples’ work. So you don’t want people using those viewers. I totally totally get that. But Viewer 2.0…well, it’s a bit hard to use!

The big side bar thing is kind of clunky. Pulling a bunch of profiles out, as I did often to find stores, isn’t happening anymore. But hey, how did I get all those profiles anyway? By inspecting other residents’ items. But in 2.0, we can’t inspect anyway, so I suppose the profile thing doesn’t matter? I *need* to inspect. Need to.

Also? What is this mess about? If I attempt to take a snapshot to disk with a custom size, as I always do because for blogging, I like to work off of a bigger shot, it comes out like this.


Do you see the problem there? I’m not the only person having that issue, either. It’s fairly unacceptable.

I didn’t want to bring it up, but since we’re here, have you noticed how it’s easy now to miss group notices and IMs and inventory offers? And unless you pop out another inventory window, you can’t add attachments to group notices. And our profiles…oh, our profiles. All smashed over there to the sidebar like an afterthought. It’s just…clunky.

But, I do really love the alpha layer, the new tattoo layer, and my anti-aliasing seems to work well. So…yay for that.

I’d really rather use the Emerald viewer, though. If you wouldn’t mind. I think a lot of people are feeling the same way.

In the words of Tim Gunn, “Make it work.”


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Day 107 – The day we got hit with 2.0

Oh my goodness…. SL Viewer 2.0 [Beta] has come out, and it allows you to do web stuff on a prim! See?


Ok, so I went back to my normal browser to finish this up. 🙂 But still, it’s pretty neat! I had gone to the Second Bodies HQ earlier and Al had played a page on YouTube for me on a prim. HOWEVER…

I was standing there reading blogs on a prim, and I went away for a second. When I put SL back up…


Who knew you could change the URL on someone’s prim! LOL!!!! Bad bad bad Fricker!!

That is, however, probably a bad thing, you know?

I didn’t get mad at him, though. It was too damn funny and besides. He was a tiny kangaroo. Who gets mad at a tiny kangaroo?

Hi Fricker!

Not me.

Anyway, I’m still getting used to this viewer. It’s got some nice features. I don’t like not having my fly button at the bottom, though, or the search button. I also hate how you have to go to a slide out menu just to delete something. It makes it clunky when trying to build. Also, the profiles… Dios mio, no. I like them BIG and in my FACE. Not all scrunched to the side and I can’t see anything. Also, I liked my media stuff at the bottom too. The biggest problem for me is the snapshot issue. I believe it’s just on the high res snaps, but if I go any bigger than the current window [which I regularly do because I like my pics big for editing], I end up with this problem.

Not. Good. At. All.

That’s so not good.

However, the tattoo layer is pretty cool, as is the alpha layer. No invisiprims on shoes? HELLO, SHOE WORLD! Oh man, that is all worth it for me right there! I hate invisiprims on shoes, especially the new trend of putting the shoe on the lower leg and and the invisiprim on the foot.

Like everything, it just takes getting used to. In a few months, people will be used to the new settings and layout, and some people will be here who never have known anything different. And of course, there will be all the people who do absolutely NOTHING but complain about it for months to come because complaining about SL and Linden Lab is their food and water. Like I mentioned in a plurk earlier, the Lindens could solve world hunger, and some people would complain that they hadn’t solved cancer in the process.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going back to playing with the new viewer.