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What? Sometimes I don’t blog. :-p

Ok ok, I know. LOL I think it’s so funny when I get IMs asking “WHERE’S THE NEW POSTS?!” Maybe not all in caps, but you get the idea. πŸ˜‰ It actually makes me feel good, too, to know that people read still. πŸ™‚

So where have I been? In SL, but there has been a LOT of stuff going on in the past few days. And I do mean a LOT.

Most of you know now that the Viper Pit is officially closing. But we will most definitely have a new place soon!! I already have a new place for my store, but it looks exactly the same as what I had. So if you’ve already seen it…well…there it is. LMAO

And as I’ve mentioned before, our lovely home on Orcas Island is going away. It was a wonderful time living there and I am sorry to see it go. I’ve been there since February and Levi moved in with me in April, so we’ve had many good months there. πŸ™‚ The funniest part was probably how we ended up leaving. I thought we still had the weekend, even though I knew that things would start disappearing soon. So we were chilling on one of our pillows, locked into a very intense discussion, when…poof. LMAO No more skybox. It was the funniest thing!!! I don’t think I can show the picture here, but if you go to Levi’s Snapzilla and scroll down to the 3rd pic from the top, you’ll see how it looked. LOL It’s the one titled “I guess we should take the hint.” Sooooo funny.

But, no worries, we are not homeless. In fact…we have an abundance of home now. LOL I’m actually itching to go in world right now and start working and playing with our new land, but I know if I do now, I’ll never finish this post. Or eat anything, and I do need food. LOL Stupid RL body…always expecting food & water & diet coke.

And in between all the moving, there’s been other things going on, too. But I think everything has worked out for the best, most definitely. I’m starting September with a lighter heart. I hope to only build on that. πŸ™‚

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Party @ 8pm SLT!!

Don’t forget, our weekly Hump Day Party starts at 8pm SLT and the theme is Let’s Play Doctor!! Doctors, nurses, patients, candy stripers, everyone is welcome!! Remember, you never have to dress in the theme to come play with us!

Tonight we’ll be up in the Viper Pit Hospital [SLurl] and we don’t accept insurance, so I hope you don’t get too sick! πŸ˜‰

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This is my mad face. >:-|

Not much work done for Tuesday. I can get very into building but the moment I’m out of it, I’m out for days.

Right now I’m in a terrible mood. Started when I woke up from my nap, and it was getting better as I got to spend some time with Levi. But the other human in my house decided he needed “5 minutes” to switch out the routers. 5 minutes turned into almost 30 and by the time I was able to log back in, Levi had gone to bed. Sorry, baby. If I’d known it was going to take so long, I wouldn’t have logged out in the first place.

I picked out the new building for my store tonight. It’s big and airy. Cen & Rick spent hours tonight tearing the pit up. I’m actually in the middle now of trying to move my items over to the new store so I can reset the classifed, but SL is not cooperating.

I have my Crankypants on tonight. Big time.

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Randomosity – Part 10 – Stalling

Nothing makes me happier than an out of the blue call from my baby. πŸ™‚ Even if we do talk about charming things like embalming fluid out of the nose and firing squads. LOL [C’mon, you knew I’d mention it. ;)]

I miss Valryn of Soulfire. 😦 I’m wearing her Blues Girl outfit today and I miss all the great clothes she used to come up with. Not to mention I miss her comments here in the blog.

The Pit is getting a makeover very soon. Less urban grungy, more…not urban grungy. LOL If you live or rent with us, you’ll get all the information. My store is even moving to the other side, near the fishing. Rick did up a layout for us to see and I think it’s going to look really good when it’s done.

Did we ever mention that Sam graduated from basic training earlier this month?

Ok…I’ve been stalling all day on building. LOL Back to the belt.

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lmfao…words can’t explain.

Another super fun party. For as much “I don’t like country!” that went on the past few days, everyone had a BLAST and we even had a big discussion on southern foods that perked my appetite right up! Not to mention I’m dying for a moon pie now! :-p

Now, Cen’s blog has a hysterical retelling of the party tonight. Calista and Bettye also have pictures. And you can go to Levi’s Snapzilla page to see even more pics.

I even managed to catch a few! I gotta say, the newest release candidate viewer is excellent if it allowed me to DJ AND take pictures at the same time. LOL Unfortunately I didn’t catch any of the beginning of the party. Cen said she took tons, though. What I caught was about the last 5 minutes of the party…and then some of the insane afterparty that had me rolling on the floor laughing until I cried.

It was all good….
Viper Pit Ranch party

And then, ONIGOKKO!!

Yes, that is Darth Vader running.
Ranch Onigokko!

Kool Aid! Oh yeah!
Kool Aid Onigokko!


I…I can’t explain it. LMFAO

I felt SO bad for the couple of people who showed up as all this mess was going on. lmao I’m SORRY!!

After all of that, then a nice long time with my baby [although never long enough!], I feel better than I have in days. In fact, I think I’m going to sleep right now. πŸ™‚

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Fashion Disasters @ 8pm SLT!!

FASHION DISASTERS tonight at the Viper Pit!! We’ll be in the party ball, so if you have your LM from the last time, use it. Or come to the pit [the SLurl is on the side of my blog here] and there will be a LM giver set up.

I will say this… the ladies of the Ch’Know group are going all out for this. LOL I mean, shapes are being changed, new skins are being put on, and at some point there was talk of prim boobs and prim booties. LOL So if you want to look like a complete hot mess, now is your chance!!!

As always, you don’t HAVE to dress in the theme, just come and party and have fun with us. πŸ™‚ But like Cen said in her blog.. “However, if you don’t dress in theme and someone says β€œOMG that’s a perfect outfit, total fashion disaster” well… that would be awkward now wouldn’t it?”

8pm is party time, but I usually start up the music 15-20 minutes beforehand, so you’re always welcome early. πŸ™‚

Oh, and I promise. No one ends up on What The Fug who comes tonight. At least, not this time. πŸ˜‰

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Party Tonight!

Don’t forget, our weekly Hump Day party is tonight at 8pm SLT! Tonight’s theme is Magical Medieval Madness, but you never have to dress in the theme to come to the party. We just want you to come and have a good time.

I’ll be your DJ [and the forecast is clear today, so let’s cross our fingers for my power to stay on! LOL] and we’ll be in the bar at the pit this time. Follow the SLurl that’s on the side of my blog and we’ll see ya at 8pm!!

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Work work work. lol

Cen and I have been busy busy today. I have pics to show, but um…they’re not resized or anything yet, so that will have to wait. And I”m lazy. πŸ™‚ Plus I’m fishing.

We have 4 new apartments at the pit, all furnished, and in different themes. There’s an Asian inspired room, The Kitty Cat room that doesn’t have a a bed, but a carpet and pillows and some kitty pics on the walls, a gothic themed room that is all black and red and stuff, and what was going to be called the fashionista room, but it’s actually very girly and pretty so it might need a name change. They’re really just starter places for people who need a place to call home but don’t need a lot and don’t have a ton of money. $100L a week for 20 prims. Not bad, I think. πŸ™‚

And I fixed the fishing hole, much to my own amusement, with statements as “It was a small hole but I had to expand my hole in case someone wants to slide their boat in.” My mind has been in the gutter today for some reason. Anyway, so the hole is bigger [gigglefits] and there’s a bit more seating. And we put some slummy playground equipment out there too, swings and a see-saw and a spinny thing. πŸ™‚

We had a lot of fun and got tons accomplished in just a few hours. It was like playing a big game of dollhouse.

But it did start me thinking about home decorating. See, Levi and I may be moving out of our skybox within the next few weeks, and so now I’m thinking about where we might think about going, and if we’d want to get a furnished place again. Because while it is MUCH easier, I think I’m ready for us to maybe settle into our own personalized home. But then I wonder if we should buy land, or rent land, and where, and how much do we need, and it’s just a pain in my head. lol I know very little about SL real estate.

Gosh, I’m really sleepy. Too much sun today, I think.