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Day 43 & Stepping Down


That’s me trying to decide if I want to have a drink tonight. I’m not much of a drinker, but I might have something tonight. Maybe.

Unless something else comes up, I officially have no more scheduled events for the rest of the year. That is so weird! Right now I’m thinking it’s really nice. But give me a couple of days and I’ll be itching to do something.

Something that is happening at the beginning of the year… I’m officially stepping down as a Fug writer. It’s something I’ve been thinking of for…well, months. It’s not that I can’t handle it, or that I can’t handle all the people who [usually hypocritically] slam me for doing it. It’s more that after doing it for a year, I think I’m just done. I will always look for beauty in Second Life. I will always love beautiful clothing and proportionate shapes, and dislike bling and heel clicks and that AO with the ass sticking out. But I’m done. I will be putting out the call for new writers at the beginning of the year [there are several who have told me they’d love to do it], and I’ll remain on as the blog admin and maybe do a few tutorials here and there, but as far as writing about fashion disasters… I’m done. I had a BLAST working on the blog. Especially during the summer! But all good things come to an end eventually, and so has my time writing about other peoples’ fashion disasters.

I’m a little tired and cold right now, so I think I’m going to wrap myself up in a big blanket and settle down here to IM some people and bother them.

Oh, but since I haven’t in a long time, here’s a song that’s been in my head the past few nights. It’s old. More than 70 years old. But it’s always been one of my favorites.

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It was a good week. :)

It was a pretty decent week in my little corner of SL. At least for me. If you didn’t have a good week, I’m sorry your life isn’t as awesome as mine. :-p Kidding, kidding.

But I did have a nice week, with a few exceptions [like missed cuddle times 😦 ], but the highlight of my week was most definitely Wednesday night’s party. It was a trailer park theme, with lots of country and southern rock music. Of course, my electricity went out briefly [I swear we paid the bill!] but it wasn’t a party downer. I took pics for my Snapzilla, but I’ll share a few here.

HDP 7/8/09 - Trailer Park Party

HDP 7/8/09 - Thorne-Darwins

HDP 7/8/09 - Mud Wrasslin'

HDP 7/8/09 - Freebird!!

Yeah, I gave myself a huge rear end for the party. Too much beer and corn nuts in the park. LOL

We’ve been having a little more lag than usual on the island in the past couple of days. I keep checking the top scripts and the top colliders, and honestly, nothing seems out of the ordinary. I even restarted the island on Wednesday night [although not for lag issues] and that didn’t seem to help. I’m really not sure what’s going on. I’d blame the chickens, however we’ve had way more chickens on the island before and never had this issue. I’ll blame Linden Lab. That seems to be the in thing to do.

In a rare spurt of being social last night, I had too many super strong jello shots at my friend’s house last night because it was her birthday. I really do not drink. I don’t like the taste of alcohol these days [these days being about the past 2 years] and I don’t really care for the way it makes me feel. So I’m running at about half speed today. But it was very fun, and the part that made me laugh later thinking about it is how very easily I talk about my Second Life friends. And the thing is, I don’t preface it anymore with saying “Oh, my SL friend XXXX said…” It’s simply just “My friend.” I think that’s a good thing.

Anyway, since I’m slightly hungover, I’m also starving to death, so I think it’s lunchtime. But this song has been in my head since a phone call last night, so since I haven’t done it in a while….wtf is in Ali’s head today? Here you go.

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Just a normal day :)

I thought I’d have time to blog today, because I’m trying to make at least 31 posts this month, but I sometimes just get distracted or busy or a combination of the 2. Plus, I also get very distracted late at night with infomercials. Does anyone have the InStyler?!

So how did I spend Tuesday?

I spent some of it making threats to Rylan to either shank her, block her from my plurk list, or kick her out of the group because of her love for Adam Lambert. I’m lucky she’s such a good sport. LOL

I watched my chickens. Pollo Sophia & Pollo Pumpkin are almost always hungry, but they won’t eat as much as they could eat. I keep telling them we’re not that poor, they can have food, but they want to keep their figures. They’re such chicks. Haha, do you see whut I did thar?

I went shopping with Noel, because for some reason, he likes to shop even more than I do. :-p Ok, I’m probably kidding on that. Probably.

[OMG, how much do I want to buy the Time Life 153 Rock Ballads collectors set?!]

I discussed WTFug with Meara, who is coming back to us after a bit of a hiatus. 🙂 People tend to think WTFug was my idea, but it wasn’t. Meara is the actual creator of the blog.

I talked smack with Sophia, because that’s what we do.

I hit up a Midnight Mania board with the girls…only to be disappointed at midnight. But I guess I can’t complain. It WAS free.

I started building something for a party that’s happening in a week or so.

Ack! I just realize I need to start clearing a spot and decorating for Thursday’s party.

Ok, I’m sleepy. I’m sorry this post has no pictures. I’m STILL waiting on the new video card. And I’m sorry it’s probably boring. But people ask me what I do in SL. There you have it. It wasn’t an exceptionally exciting, crazy day, but it was a normal one. And that is what keeps me coming back. Because I do so love just the day to day SLife. 🙂

I’ll leave you guys with a song that probably most of you remember from Napoleon Dynamite. But it’s meant quite a bit to me since October 1997 when I was in college, and some of my best guy friends serenaded me with it when I was in a really really bad mood. 🙂 WHY they picked this song, I couldn’t tell you. But I still love this song, so it’s sending me to bed with a smile.

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‘Cause you’re a dream to me…

Happy Sunday everyone! I got up a little earlier than I needed to so I could finish a review post, but I think I’ll save that until later this evening because I woke up thinking about something.

Do you dream about Second Life? No, not dreams of no lag, the pie menu on the new RC being made back to normal, and island tiers being lowered. But just dreams in general about it when you sleep. You see, I do. I’m wondering if it’s as common as I think.

In my dreams, SL is physical. My friends’ avatars come to life before my eyes. Sometimes they look like their avatars and sometimes, if I have seen their RL pictures, they take on those traits as well. Sometimes I am my avatar, and sometimes I’m just me.

What happens in my dreams? Well, we don’t fly. We don’t teleport. Often we’re just running around, shopping, eating at restaurants, having silly conversations. Sometimes places I visit in SL come to life, which is really strange because everything is so big in SL. The dreams are very rarely fanciful. It is often quite realistic. Sometimes, just to prove that it is an SL dream, I can see my $L balance and the land I’m on over my head, as if I were in a huge viewer. Friday night I dreamed of a guy who threw $2,000,000L in my account. [You know that was a dream! However, if anyone ever feels like throwing money in my account, please feel free. I won’t stop you. LOL!] I even sometimes dream about Plurk and SL at the same time! Nothing like stopping what I’m doing in my dream to plurk about it with my SL friends. 🙂 But for the most part, my dreams about Second Life are quite real, and my friends are not just pixels or cartoons – not that they ever are to me.

[Want to piss me off? Tell me that we’re just pixels, cartoons, or avatars only. SL isn’t a game. You want a game with just pixels? Go play The Sims.]

So tell me…do you dream of Second Life? What are your dreams like? Do you dream about it often?

I’ll leave you guys with this song. It’s been one of my top favorites since it came out and I still love it to this day. Have a great day everyone!

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No pretty pics for this post

So a few months ago, after bitching and moaning about my water being black and the whole palletized textures debacle, I got a fancy pants new video card. And man, was I in heaven. Lag was so so so LOW. Everything was smooth and beautiful. My SL experience was instantly more awesome. And it hadn’t been that bad before, but I’m telling you – if you have a lot of issues in SL, look and see what you’re running. Chances are, some of your issues are because of you. [Well hell, that could be said for almost anything, huh?]

About a month into my awesomeness, I turned on my computer one morning and it started to make noises at me. Immediately I shut it off, and on restart, no more noise. It went like that for a couple of days and then I figured, oh, maybe the fans are dirty. It happens, right? So I got in there and used the spray air and cleaned everything.


My RLBF, who is my tech geek, said that it was the video card fan and it would probably need replacing because eventually, it was going to die. After attempting to contact the company a few times [this is why I hate buying online. The customer service is almost always crap.], and getting no response, we just kind of…left it. Restarting or smacking the front of the computer always seemed to fix it. But as time went on, I noticed more and more issues. I just chose not to do anything because I know flip about hardware and he didn’t seem that concerned.

This morning the damn thing wouldn’t fix. It was time to put it to pasture. RLBF called the company [why he didn’t do that ages ago, I don’t know] and the guy said he’d email the replacement forms. So now I wait.

But while I wait, I’m working off the … default? I don’t know. LOL All I know is that I’m semi-housebound while I wait for the new card. All the settings have been moved to the lowest, except for local lighting. But it’s still not good. And my WTFug pic taking will probably be put on hold until I get fixed up, unless it’s glaringly bad, since I’ve turned off particles and won’t see bling. Speaking of which, who the hell told Paper Couture to put bling in their shoes and no option to turn it off?! I felt so so so bad for Sophia when she put on her shoes and was blinging like a Vegas hooker. Her feet looked so sad.

Hopefully I’ll be able to be in SL and DJ this week, since I’ve got 2 parties this week to do. I guess we’ll see. 🙂

I’ve had this song on repeat for a few days. Enjoy!

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Pink Magic

No long drawn out post today. At least, not in this one.

I plurked yesterday asking for hair designers to think about making a hair that was medium-long and wavy [kind of like Truth’s Miabella, but a little more full and less on the face], and that had random braids and curls here and there. Someone said Exile might have a hair like that, so I hopped over. Nope, but they did have a hair called Love Story modeled after Taylor Swift’s hair in her video, “Love Story.” I had to get it because I just thought it was precious.

That led to me putting on one of my favorite dresses that I rarely wear and taking a pink photo in front of my favorite pink tree. You can get your own beautiful sakura tree from my adorable friend Aisuru at her store, Beloved. She’s in the process of moving into her brand new mainstore, so that SLurl will take you to her satellite store on Festivale, which I believe has the tree for sale. I think it’s $100L, but I’m not in world to check at the moment.

There is definitely still room for pink and magic and beauty in Second Life, if you just know where to look for it.

By the sakura tree

That glowing grass is also made by Aisuru. She’s a marvel. 🙂

I’ve had the “Love Story” song in my head since yesterday when getting the hair, so here you go. It’s what’s in my head today.