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Day 136 – This Movie Made Me Want Watermelon

Movie night with the Oleanders tonight! Brownie points if you can guess the movie. 🙂

Day 136 - This Movie Made Me Want Watermelon

I couldn’t wait any longer, so our autumn grass came a day early to Bluebonnet. As much as I think beaches are nice, I just wasn’t feeling the whole summer beachy vibe this year. Even doing a “Martha’s Vineyard” style beach this year wasn’t what I wanted really. I’m so much happier with the grass, especially the darker grasses we use for the autumn. Once our new house is prepared, I can really get to work on the parcel and see how well my ideas work with my skill level.

Maybe one of you will know the answer to this, as I’m still pretty uneducated about the whole pathfinding thingy in Second Life. I’ve chosen to turn it off for now on the island, simply because I don’t really know WHAT it does and because I don’t really think that we need it. But whenever I terraform, it starts to tell me that I need to rebake the region. What exactly is rebaking doing? And why do I need to do it when I terraform? It’s not the same thing as saving the terrain file, I know that much. I wish someone would just put out a very easy to understand page on the whole pathfinding thing.


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Will the real Lexi please stand up?

This is my friend, Lexi Morgan.

The Real Lexi Morgan

Lexi has been in Second Life since 2004, as you can see. Although she’d added her partner’s last name to her display name, if you look her up in search, she is still Lexi Morgan. There might be 10,000 other Lexis out there, but as far as Second Life is concerned, she has always been the only Lexi Morgan. At least…she was.

The Fake Lexi

This is Lexi Morgan #2. Her username is beth36. If you don’t have display names turned on in your viewer [a lot of us do not], she looks like beth36. But she’s walking around with Lexi Morgan proudly as her display name. Even worse, when you go to look for Lexi Morgan in search…

Looking for Lexi

When display names were first introduced, MANY people were upset. The content creators – you know, the people who make us look good and generally pay a lot in fees every month for sims and marketplace and uploads? – were especially worried. What would keep someone from using their name? Would that be possible? WHY would it be possible? But they were assured that no, that wouldn’t happen. Linden Lab would help protect them, protect all of us with legacy names.

Turns out? Not so much.

When Lexi was notified by someone that another account was using her name [she’d gone to search for Lexi and that is what popped up], Lexi was, rightfully, very upset.  She filed an abuse report, and this morning she contacted Linden Lab.  After all, they had promised this sort of thing would not happen, and unlike in the real world where several people could have your name, it was always a bonus in SL that our names were OURS.  So she did what any of us would have done and called Linden Lab.  And that’s where things really went wrong.

Lexi spoke with someone at Linden Lab who told her – get ready for this – to just keep filing abuse reports until it was fixed.

Wait.  What?

Now she has to take time out of her day to just keep filing abuse reports, when one has already been filed, when it would be easier for the person she spoke with to fix it right then and there?  Where is the protection that was promised when Linden Lab decided to charge ahead with the ridiculous AOL-esque usernames and display names?  [Don’t get me started on what I think about the username thing.  But you can vote in this JIRA if you feel the way I do.]  Shouldn’t there be some kind of customer service for someone who has been using a service for over 7 years?  Just keep filing abuse reports? That’s IT?

When Lexi told the person at Linden Lab that she was under the impression this sort of thing was never to happen, the person replied, “Yeah, I can see how that would cause a problem for you.”  Lexi also asked what would happen if this account never logged in again, and was told “You should AR separately with those concerns and be as specific as possible.”  Because calling and telling them isn’t specific or good enough?

Nice customer service, Linden Lab.

So now the real Lexi Morgan has to waste her time filing abuse reports and hoping that her customers read far enough to contact her and not Beth36 if they need customer service.  Beth36 can wander around happily with a name that is not hers over her head.  And Linden Lab proved, once again, that they truly do not always listen to their customers.

Edit 8/26/2011:  Lexi confirmed yesterday that after approximately 25 Abuse Reports, phone calls, etc, that the name was finally changed.  Beth36 is now Beth Morgan.  Oh, and she’s no longer an out of work exotic dancer, just in case you were worried about that. :-p  

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So you’re kidding, right?

Plurk is really fun for me because that’s basically where I hear all the latest going on in SL. Earlier today Rai Blaylock showed us a Christmas tree on XStreet. A $40,000L Christmas tree. Nope, I did not add in extra zeros. $40,000L. $170 USD.

Being curious, I ran out to the store at Sculptie Wonder island to check out this tree. I mean, for $40,000L, it should be a wonderous thing, right? Or maybe – MAYBE – the designer was just drunk when posting that ad on XStreet and the real price of the tree is $400L.

The tree itself? Well, it’s nice.

$40,000L Tree

It’s big, it’s pretty. There are some nice presents underneath. Even the ornaments have a “reflection” of the candles that isn’t half bad.

Yeah, it's nice, but...

But is it $40,000L worth of pretty? Not by a long shot. The edges of the “skirts” of pine needles [for lack of a better term] are not completely good, and by the time you get to the top of the tree, it’s like the creator lost interest and it’s basically just a cone. Certainly this is not $40,000L. It couldn’t be.

Oh wait. It is. And it’s 494 prims!

No, really, it IS that expensive.

This is one of those times where I want to IM the designer and ask, “Well honey, do you want to sell it or do you just want to stare at it?”

I’m all for designers charging what they feel is right for their products. I have friends who ask me what I think they should charge because they’re unsure. If you go too high for something, there’s the chance people will not buy it because they don’t think it’s worth it. Going too low can sometimes make other shoppers think maybe it’s not quality work. But there is a mid-range point that seems to work, and I think designers owe it to themselves to head out to other stores to check out prices on similar items. If you’re making something no one else has ever done before in SL [and good luck with that], then sure. You get to set the standard. A Christmas tree? C’mon. Get real.

Will I be getting this tree? Uh…no. But, if I don’t end up getting banned from there for writing this post, I might go out and enjoy it sometimes. 🙂

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Uh…hello? Demo?

So I don’t mean to be a complainer all the time, but doesn’t it make sense that if you’re going to spend THIS much on a shoe…


…that you are able to get a demo first?

I won’t even buy a $100L hair without demoing it. As hot as I think this shoe is [c’mon, look at it. It’s pretty!], I’d be so so so scared to buy it without a demo.

Well, and I’m a bit scared the price. There is that. :-p

Just my random complaint of the night. I should probably go to bed now.

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Are you serious?

So of course the whole big hoopla this weekend is Hair Fair 2009. Hey, I get it. I like new hair too, and sometimes the gifts out there are pretty decent. But what ended up happening this year is that some bloggers got butthurt over not being invited to a preview day.

Wow. Really? I mean, REALLY?

From what I’ve heard, this wasn’t even a blogger/media preview day. It was a day for the designers and their guests and the winners of some contest. Did some of the guests happen to be bloggers? Sure. We all have designer friends, show me someone in SL who doesn’t. And I can understand feeling left out when you’re in a group of fashion bloggers and everyone got in but you. But every other blogger – even the non-fashion ones! – getting all upset because they didn’t get in first? Give me a break.

First of all, if you’re a non-fashion blogger, just be quiet. You had no right to expect to get in on any kind of preview day. Maaaaybe if you write some kind of super current events blog, or a blog specifically for charity events in SL, MAYBE. But other than that, shush.

And as for fashion bloggers, well holy cow, the sims only hold so many people. You probably would have just been crying for lag anyway when the 500 fashion bloggers out there descended upon the place.

I am lucky to get “press passes” for different events once or twice a month. The phrase “press pass” cracks me up when I get it because I don’t consider myself press. I’m just a girl with a blog. [Well, two blogs now that I moved my reviews over here. Three, if you count WTFug. Holy cow, I write a lot.] I’ve yet to really go to any of these events. The lag, the bitching, the bumping into people – it’s kind of part of the fun of these expos and fairs. And it gives me an excuse for not spending too much. 😉 I DO like getting unreleased stuff first, but heck, who doesn’t? But as far as crying because I DIDN’T get it first? Yeah, you know… LOL

Look, this isn’t elementary school. You’re not going to always get a Valentine from each kid in the class and you’re not always going to get invited to every party. You’re just NOT. Why let it get you down? Just have fun and go later. You’re not OWED anything. Besides, you know these things – fairs, expos, hunts – are always all chaotic and not fully set up the first day anyway. Save yourself the headache and just go later.

And that’s my $2L for today. :-p

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Not cool, Coull.

You thought I wouldn’t do it, huh?

You thought wrong.

Yeah, I’m all tough sounding. LMAO

Ok, so, we’re less than 24 hours into the Bunny Hop and someone mentioned that #206 on the list, Coull Creations, didn’t just have decoy eggs out, [A practice used by some designers to throw off the object scanners/hunt HUDs, which is really kind of a jerk move, but whatever], they had decoy eggs out that cost $25L. For just the egg! Nothing inside!! Man, it’s like when you’re a little kid and you go to some public Easter egg hunt and you run and get kicked by bigger kids and you end up with 3 little eggs and a squashed Peep, and then you realize one of your 3 plastic eggs is empty after you went through all of that!

When you first teleport into the area, you get excited because, hey! Big egg right there! What nice people! How fun to not have to…how…wh… $25L?

Coull Creations - $25L decoy egg

Well…that’s not very nice.

And yes, I’m totally wearing my unicorn set from my dear friend Aisuru’s store, Beloved. You can find this set in the lobby at The Starlust for just $75L!! It’s sooo cute, I just adore it!

Oh check it out, another egg! Surely THAT must be the real one!!

Coull Creations - And yet another $25L.

No? Another $25L for an empty egg?


Look! ANOTHER egg! That must certainly be THE egg I’ve bothered coming here for!

Coull Creations - Sigh.

I’m really getting annoyed now.

If you don’t know to check, you could maybe end up spending $75L before ever finding the egg. With the hunts that go on once in a while that you DO have to pay for [such as the Malt hunt with the $50L gifts that were TOTALLY worth every last $L], you might think you’re getting something. For $75L, I can buy another unicorn set. Did I mention they’re by my friend Aisuru? Of Beloved? And they’re in the lobby of The Starlust? *nudge nudge*

I did eventually find the actual Bunny Hop egg.

Coull - The actual hunt egg

The gift is one that I might have liked had I not already been so put off by the decoy eggs. And the fact that…well…I appear to be molesting this poor bear. Hey, I like bears. I don’t like them like THAT.


So congrats, Coull Creations. You made the first “Oh what the hell?” post of the Bunny Hop.

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Thinking up titles is so 2008. :-p

I really have some awesome readers! Yesterday I was standing around and I got a gift!


A pink bear and I can hold it? It’s perfect for me! Thanks Caitlain!!

I have to admit, I spent quite a bit of time yesterday just sitting in the garden holding my new bear. I’ve been in kind of a weepy girl mood lately for some unknown reason. I don’t like being alone for too long in SL, and I am so incredibly lucky that my girls won’t let me be alone for too long. We had a super impromptu party at my fiesta area the other night. They grab me for shopping or other parties or to come see this or that. It keeps me from staring too long at the bottom right hand corner of my screen. lol

One great thing about the girls dragging me off the island so much is that I get all kinds of fabulous pictures for WTFug. LOL Such as this picture from a absolutely horrific bikini contest Sophia unknowingly took us to. Seriously, in her defense, she thought it was just a bikini party that her friend was DJing, not some crazy bikini contest with voting and junk. The girls who entered were…well, they… oh just look.

The ugliest 'kini contest ever. EVER.

Booty McTits down walking in front of the stage down there is the one who ended up winning. Oily St.Male came in 3rd. We’ll see Oily again in WTFug in a closer picture.

And laggy? Oh man, was that place laggy.

Meara Deschanel: everyone is still rezzing – wth is this?
Sophia Harlow: hell, i think

Sometimes I wish the contestants hadn’t rezzed for me.

The best part about the contest was the emoting the girls were trying to use to catch the votes. Such as…

Oily St.Male: _.;:+*’`’*+:;..;:+*’`’*+:;. THIS TUNE VIBRATES MY PUNANI! .;:+*’`’*+:;..;:+*’`’*+:;._

Candy Moundfuzz grins wickedly as her body moves, moving in a lustful frenzy pace. Her body wanting to feed that sweet agony of teasing. As she lets out a demanding roar, her eyes darkened, like orbs of fire, blazed with that sinful lust. Her hand reaching out, holding that forbidden apple, daring you to take that first bite,to give into your most taboo fantasy and temptation.

Oily St.Male slips her fingers into her bikin straps and pops them against her silky skin [Silky? She was sweating Crisco!]

Booty McTits crwals to the stage

Booty McTits moves hipnotically

Yeah. We were crying with laughter because it was just that damn bad. LOL!! Watch out for Candy’s orbs of fire!! I was also sure that Booty couldn’t get on the stage with the other girls because she slipped on all the oil that Oily was dripping all over and never could get back up there. It’s ok. She made her own little stage in front. Whew, I bet you were worried, huh? And then she went on to win. Way to go, Booty!

It’s wet and cold here in my RL today, which makes me a sad panda. So I think I’ll log into SL and soak up the virtual sunshine.

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One Random Boob

There’s an alarming trend going on in the fashion world and it’s really really getting on my nerves.

One Random Boob.

If you look back on the fashion feeds lately, you’ll see what I’m talking about. Designers/bloggers are showing off their lovely creations…and one random boob. Just out of nowhere, there it is. Is this the new look for summer? Can I walk down the street and, “Oh check it out, here’s my boob. It’s fashion.” I’m pretty sure if I don’t get arrested, I’ll at least get a very stern talking to.

I’m not a prude at all. I’m down with being sexy. I have a shirt that has different layers and one layer does include the one random boob popping out. But I do NOT like to see it on the blogs all over the place. It looks…trashy. If it’s lingerie, I can kind of understand, although there are many wonderful poses out there that cover the nipples in a very classy way. But if you’re trying to sell a shirt and some shorts? Why the boob? Why the one random boob?!

And sure, tell me that sex sells. I’ll agree. But there is a balance and this One Random Boob is turning me off to so many creations. It’s not sexy. It’s a wardrobe malfunction. Oops, my shirt flew up and I forgot a bra! One Random Boob!

If I want to see boobs, I’ll take my shirt off and just cycle through my 50,000 skins. Heck, I have most of the skins my friends do and I know most of their measurements. [What can I say? We’re a very sharing group.] I can see their boobs if I want just by changing my skin. I don’t need to see some model selling One Random Boob a half done dress.

Just on principle, I’m never buying an outfit that I see advertised with One Random Boob. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go look at my bras now.

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The Newbie Experience?

Last night I was bored, so I thought I’d go look for some new dances for my chimera. Sine Wave’s sim gives me a headache in about 5 minutes, so I thought I’d head over to Henmations to see if they had anything new.

Could Henmations PLEASE make a separate dance store? Because it is horrible that people simply looking for dances have to go there and have this mess standing all around them.

Oh noobs.

He was 2 days old. She was 6 days old, and blinging for all she was worth, which I didn’t capture. Before they had even rezzed in for me, the first thing I saw him say was “I’m not hiding it because I don’t know if I’ll be able to find it again.”

Yep, he was talking about his Freenis.

Somehow he managed to talk this girl into sitting on one of the beds so they could chat. Me, being nosy and bored, which is never a good combination, I decided to follow just within their chat range [thank you, Mystitool] so I could see what kind of moves new residents are using these days.

The results were highly hilarious!

Unfortunately, Henmations is a magnet for newbies, since they are one of the top paid classifieds and since most of their items are sexual. They DO have some really awesome dances but it’s hard to shop there at times because of the new people who assume SL is all about sex. I hadn’t been there in a couple of months, at least, and I have never gone alone. If they’d open up a separate store for just the dances, I’d imagine they’d sell a lot more. Just a theory on my part.

Anyway, so Newbie Bob and Newbie Summer [not their real names] make their way over to a bed. I make my way over and stand on the other side of the wall so I can hear them. Now you’d think that with Bob’s Freenis hanging out, sex would be immediately what he wanted. Oh no, not so. You see, Bob and Summer didn’t know to sit on the poseballs. They just sat on the edge of the bed while he proceeded to grill her about her music tastes and why she felt the need to change what she was wearing. I’m assuming she was wearing something else when they met because the whole time I saw her, she was wearing a “Pirat” outfit with the belt embedded into her butt.

I was about to just go on and check out the dances when suddenly Newbie George entered on the scene. His approach to Summer was a little more direct.

“You want sex?”

He's protecting her.

Bob decided to stand up to protect Summer’s honor.

Bob: “This guy wants sex and I want to talk, who do you want?”
Summer: “What?”
Bob: “He wants to have sex with you and I want to talk.”
Summer: “Ew, get away!”
Bob: “Who?”
Summer: “George!”
George: “That’s ok, I’ll come back later. With a bigger penis.”

At this point I’m practically snorting my drink out of my nose. And I should say that I’m cleaning up their sentences quite a bit, as it was mostly chatspeak and bad grammar.

So Bob begins questioning Summer’s musical tastes again, briefly, and then suddenly launches into questions about her personal life. He wanted to know if she had a boyfriend in real life, or one in Second Life, and why she didn’t have either. Then he tells her something that had my whole group laughing. [I share, what can I say?]

Bob: “You know why women can’t find Prince Charming?”
Summer: “What?”
Bob: “I’ll tell you why.”
Summer: “Ok.”
Bob: “I’ll tell you why you can’t find your Prince.”
Summer: “I’m waiting.”
Bob: “It’s because you’re looking for the Prince, not the frog.”
Summer: “… what?”

Then some girl came up to look at the bed they were on, and Bob assumed that she wanted sex. The girl said “Pfft, yeah right” and wandered off. Bob said he knew that girl would have sex with him [I seriously doubt that she would have], but he wanted to stay with Summer. Summer said he should go and try out his new Freenis. I was starting to think Summer was done with Bob and his mess, because then she got up and started to walk over to the dances. I followed, of course, because I was there for dances anyway.

Summer: “Could you take that off?”
Bob: “Does it bother you?”
Summer: “Yes.”
Bob: “Why? It’s not real.”

Now this is where it got interesting. Bob believed because Second Life wasn’t “real,” that he could do anything he wanted. He could ask for sex without being polite because it’s not real. He could walk around with his Freenis hanging out because it’s not real. And he honestly couldn’t see why anyone would have a problem with what he was doing.

Of course, when it appeared that Summer did not share this mindset, he backtracked a bit and said that he didn’t want to be rude to her because he knew there was a real person behind the avatar. What? And the rest of us are NPCs or something?

But it did get me thinking. How many other new residents are coming into Second Life thinking that they CAN do anything they want? Sure, you can do things like fly and become a neko or an elf and wear the most fashionable clothing. Sure, you can build and drop full grown trees and never drown. But this wasn’t even what Bob was talking about. Bob didn’t think he had to not show his Freenis! Bob thought he could tell anyone what to do and they’d do it! Bob thought sex was what Second Life was truly about!

Second Life isn’t a place where you get points for being rude. You’ll never be the #1 SL God because you think you’re good looking. People don’t do what you want in SL just because you tell them to because we are real people behind the avatars, and we don’t owe you a thing. I know that Linden Lab is looking to fix that first hour new user experience or whatever they’re calling it, but when?? And are the SL mentors really doing their jobs out at these orientation places? Is there a guide that they follow when explaining Second Life, or it is just up to each individual mentor?

All I know is, there needs to be a big sign at every welcome area.

“Put Your Free Penis Away.”

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Blogger Challenge – What’s In Your Bag?

So the ladies over at ShoppingCartDisco decided to throw down a little blogger challenge. I can never resist a good challenge! The challenge? What’s in your bag?

The answer? A big ol’ mess!!

This challenge struck me as funny because just last night I was thinking “Oh man, my purse is crazy messy. I need to clean it out.” I probably should have before I saw the challenge. LOL


“Dump out your bag (no cleaning!) and post a pic of it. Men with messenger bags, this applies to you, too. Bullet-point the contents with amusing commentary.”

If you carry a backpack, you should do it too! 🙂

I’m not sure how amusing my commentary will be, but here we go. First…here’s the mess.

Blogger Challenge - What's In Your Bag?

* 12 – yes, count them – 12 lip glosses, lipsticks, and lip balms. One of them is even in a lipstick case. I think I have a problem. It should be 13, btw, but my favorite lipstick that I wear frequently right now is on my desk.

* 2 blushes. Why 2? I dunno. One’s a brighter pink, one’s a more mauvey pink. I don’t even use either of them lately.

* 6 kinds of lotion. What?? I have dry skin! Well, kind of. Anyway, nothing wrong with moisturizing, and if it smells good, that’s even better. Don’t judge.

* Powder, eyelash curler, 2 mascaras, eye shadow, eyeliner, and makeup remover wand. For someone who barely wears makeup anymore… I don’t know what to say.

* Hairbrush and scrunchie, even though scrunchies are apparently totally out. I have long, straight hair. The wind makes it look pretty messy sometimes, and if I go out to eat, I need to be able to pull my hair back so it’s not falling in everything. I refuse to have short hair in RL.

* Wallet, random dollar bill, and about $10 in loose change. I am REALLY bad at just throwing change in my purse. But at some point I will not want to break a larger bill and I will use the self checkout and pay for my items in just change. I wait until a store isn’t busy to do this, I’m not that rude.

* Cell phone & the headset/ear pieces thingy. We have a lot of school zones around and you can’t use a handheld phone while you drive, so I have to keep that thing in there. I really need a Bluetooth thing.

* The cable thing to hook my camera up into the TV. I had to show my mom the christmas tree picture!

* An empty pack of gum, a pen, and spray on antibacterial gel. There’s nothing funny about that. Oh, and a lighter, even though I don’t smoke. I…I don’t know how that got in there!

* And a bunch of receipts and coupons from the past month.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go write “My purse is not a trashcan, a piggy bank, or a cosmetics case” about 400 times on the wall.