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Who Knows What Could Happen?

I have to admit, I’ve been struggling getting back into the SL swing of things since my vacation. Not that I had this amazing, fantastic time on vacation or anything. *laughs* In fact, for the first couple of days, the weather had me so miserable, I was about to NOPE on outta there and come home. What can I say? I am used to being in constant air conditioning. There were pockets of good, of course. It wasn’t a completely horrible experience and a lot of good came from it on a personal level, but I was extremely glad to get home. Only now that I’m here… I don’t know. I think because I came home to immediately start dealing with the main stress in my SLife, it has thrown me all off.

But, the nice thing about stresses in SL is that they can be fixed. Or changed. Or thrown away. After discussing it with the family, by next month, the main thing that has made me very unhappy in the past few months will be eliminated and I can breathe easier. Because I haven’t in months, and even now I’m still a little frantic about something. And I’m sorry I’m being vague, but until it’s completely in motion, I don’t want to get too in depth about it all. Soon, though, I promise. 🙂

Who Knows What Could Happen?

My birthday is next week. Next Friday, actually. I should be more “OH NO, GETTING OLDER” about it, but I’m not. The only thing that bugs me is that I’m slowly slowly getting gray hair. I’ve found 2 of them in the past 2 months! Well, I say gray, but they aren’t really. They’ve been more of a pale gold. So I dunno. Maybe I’m going blonde in my old age. Or as my friend Beuanna said, I’m turning into my avatar. Hey, if I get the body to go along with that, I’m all in! *laughs* But other than the hair thing, I don’t mind the number. Probably because I still feel like I’m 25. Or 17. Or sometimes 12.

Although tonight, all I feel is exhausted, so I guess it’s bedtime.