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Double Threat

Berry’s Monday Meme on Wednesday? Why not? 🙂 This week it’s a Double Threat.

Double Threat

Two online screen names you’ve had:

My original screen name when I first started chatting online was Tinkerbelle. Shut up, I was 15. I was also Lady Grace in a text based RPG that I played for a while.

Two video games you’ve played:

Dragon Age: Origins and Skyrim.

Two things you love about Second Life:

I love the creativity and I love being able to be with people I love every day.

Two things you’ve done in Second Life:

I had a beautiful wedding and I wrote articles for a couple of magazines.

Two things you still want to do in Second Life:

I want to learn how to make mesh one day. And … I’d like to be invited to blog some big events without having to apply. *laughs*

Two things you like about your Second Life avatar:

I like my avatar’s face [which is why I’ll probably never wear a mesh head] and I like just the overall shape of my av’s body.

Two of your Second Life Pet Peeves:

That alpha glitch that makes it so you can’t stand in front of certain trees and items without having that clear “halo” around the hair and when people refuse to use the ankle lock in their pics so their heels hit the back of their legs. IT LOOKS DUMB, DON’T DO IT.

Two things you did as a newb that you’re embarrassed of:

When I first started in 2006, we could map ANYONE on our friends list, so on occasion, I mapped this guy I was dating to make sure he really was dancing on camping pads for $L and not with some other girl. LOL!! Ummm… and at some point I put on a new hair base, but I didn’t know that hair base = eyebrows and so I thought my skin had changed because suddenly I looked SUPER SURPRISED and I was embarrassed that I didn’t know what had happened to my skin, so I saved up and bought a new one. *laughs*

Two of your closest friends in Second Life:

Aldwyn and… the rest of my family. ❤ I can't pick favorites.

Two of the most beloved things in your inventory:

My wedding ring and a rose by Light Waves that I put out in every house I owned up until recently since it’s like 24 prims and ain’t nobody got time for that.

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First and Recent

So Miss Berry has a new meme for us – first and recent! This one is easy. Just put your first blog pic side by side with a recent pic. This is the first picture that ever appeared in my blog in early January 2008 next to one I took earlier this afternoon.

First and Recent

I didn’t start off as a fashion blogger, of course. I started blogging because I don’t know how to not write about my life. Plus I was going through a lot back then and I needed to write as a distraction, and a therapy. I also didn’t post any pics in my first few posts. I have no idea why. I just…didn’t. This photo is one I took at a freebie “photo studio” place that I found in some mall. I’m covered in freebies. I had found a club that was active enough and they had, of course, an Angels and Demons event. I didn’t win, although I think I should have. I was GLOWING. LOL!

I’ve learned so much about taking decent enough pics in SL since that time. And the way SL does photos is so much better now than it was in 2008. Shadows, depth of field, windlight. We didn’t have all that for a long long time. Plus, I know how to take BIG pics now. This one was so small, I had to shrink today’s pic down a lot. *laughs*

Ugh. Thank God everything got better for photos, that’s all I gotta say!

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I’m Off Again In My World

I’m late with Berry’s new meme, “Second Life Made Me Learn…” I’ve been thinking about it since Monday, actually, but with the switch to WordPress, building our yard sale area for The Arcade, and various other things, I just haven’t gotten around to writing. But tonight I’ve got some time to really put into words things that I’ve thought about on this topic.

I'm Off Again In My World

It would be really easy to list the basics. Second Life made me learn Photoshop, a program I had barely heard of before, much less used. Of course, I still don’t really know what I’m doing in it 99% of the time and I’m just pushing buttons. SL made me learn how to use basic DJ software and how to keep a party at least somewhat active. SL made me learn how to be a better writer because we live in a world where appearance is easily changed so what we say is what matters.

But it goes further than that for me. After all, I’ve been here a long time and had many experiences. If I hadn’t learned more, I’d be disappointed in myself.

SL has taught me that it’s okay to just be me. This was a lesson that was not easily learned. I spent a lot of time and energy in my early days wanting so badly to be someone else, someone better, someone who could be everything to everyone I met. I was dealing with a lot of grief that was tearing me apart little by little. I was hurting badly before I came here but pretending so damn hard that everything was okay. I read old journal entries from the year before I was introduced to SL and it’s so apparent that things weren’t right. I was drinking too much, making very unsafe choices, and I was obsessed with things that weren’t good for me. I came to SL and I thought, great! Here is a chance to be someone that I’m not! For a couple of weeks, I’ll play this game where I can just be whatever I want and it doesn’t matter what other people think.

This was my mistake.

But in the past few years, I’ve just been me. SL has taught me that if I feel someone isn’t good for me, I don’t need to devote my time to them. If I love someone, I can let them know. They’re not required to love me back, but I can still care about them without requiring anything more from them. If someone says they love me, I don’t have to reciprocate if I don’t feel it. If someone hurts me, I have the choice of forgiving them and then letting them go, or forgiving them and patching up our friendship. If I hurt someone, I can apologize and hope they accept it. Sometimes they will not and that’s okay. Friendship isn’t about what someone else can do for me, or what I can do for them. It’s about how we make each other feel. Positive people bring out the best in me. I’m not required to be someone’s entertainment or someone’s fantasy. If I have a bad day, I can tell people without the fear that they’ll turn their backs on me until I have more to offer them.

Second Life made me learn how to accept myself.

And now that I’ve done all this thinking, I can go back to squealing over the lovely Arcade vendor ads. That’s another thing SL made me learn. I’m EXCEPTIONALLY girly and if you make something pink, sparkly, and put a bunny or a butterfly on it, I’m going to do anything to make it mine. *sighs*