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The Day I Played Fixer Upper

Most of the non-blogger men that I know in Second Life don’t change their look too often. They don’t really have to. They can put together a couple of casual looks, a formal look, and that can get them through most things. The funny part is that some of them didn’t even really put those looks together themselves – they had a partner to do it!

My own SL husband is not really an exception to this. Oh, he loves to shop. When we first met, he had a lot of outfits and costumes and even did some modeling here and there. But when mesh came out, and mesh bodies in particular, things got a little harder. It was like that for a ton of people, by the way. Go to any live show or older club in SL and you’ll find a lot of people who simply can’t get down with mesh and utterly refuse to even entertain the possibility. To them, mesh is still a passing phase, despite the fact that we’ve had it since 2011. Luckily, Aldwyn doesn’t go THAT far! I’d never stand for it! But since January 2016, he’s looked like this.

Aldwyn, October 2017

Now don’t get me wrong. This is a good look! He wore the Catwa Jackson head with the Hugh skin applier from The Skinnery. And I’m a fan of older men, so you know I was totally into it!

But there are some problems with looking older in Second Life that we didn’t anticipate when putting together this look. The main one being…it’s freaking hard to dress an older guy!! Seriously, go take a look at basically every men’s store in SL. The clothes are generally geared towards guys who are under 35 years old. Unless he wanted to wear a suit all of the time (which I wasn’t against, tbh) there were very few options for someone who looks 50+. And add that to the fact that the more “trendy” pieces like the ugly dropped crotch diaper pants and oversized tank tops that reach the knees were/are at every event and we hate that look… well, dressing was not all that fun.

When LeLutka came out with the Andrea head for men, I was into it. I knew I wanted to take Aldwyn younger again, because I tend to look a bit younger in SL and while I’m still into older men, I thought maybe it was time for both of us to look near the same age again. Plus, his head was not bento, and if I’m going to be bento, he’s going to be bento because that’s just the way it works. Not to mention, I adore the LeLutka HUD so so so much more than the Catwa HUDs for their heads, and I knew he would like it, too.

If you watched my vlog from yesterday (I’ll link it at the bottom of this post), you know that he gave me carte blanche to play Fixer Upper on his avatar yesterday! So I took him to…

LeLutka… To get the Andrea head. (5000L)

Stray Dog… To get the Breno head applier, plus a skin applier for his body. He uses the Slink Physique body and Stray Dog does not make a skin applier specifically for Slink, only for Signature and Belleza. However, the Signature body applier can be used on Slink if you have the Slink omega relay. So that’s what I did. (590L for the head applier, 490L for the body applier.)

Stealthic… To get the Like Lust hair. (300L)

I created his shape myself based off of what he already had, but just made adjustments to his head to keep the bento head from looking like the mouth had collapsed in on itself. I’ve found that this is the case with most bento heads.

So the grand total for everything… 6380L, or about $27 USD.

Totally. Worth. Every. Penny.

I Made A Handsome.

I did take him to get a few clothing items, too, and oh my gosh. It’s so much easier to dress him with a younger face.

Well, except for the fact that people are starting to only create for the Signature and Belleza bodies, and not for Slink.

But that’s a struggle for another day.

If you didn’t know, I’m doing Vlogmas! If you want to see me taking Aldwyn’s avatar to get his makeover, along with looking at a couple of Advent gifts and dealing with some Christmas “decorations” that Groves left for us, feel free to watch!

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To The Moon and Back

So I don’t really take naps in my life. I don’t enjoy them and I always wake up more crabby and disoriented than I was before I fell asleep. The only time I take naps are if I’m sick or if my body and mind are just completely worn out. I ended up napping for a couple of hours earlier and now it’s almost 3am and I’m just up.

I meant to finish decorating this house tonight so I could blog it, but I started to miss Aldwyn and I figured he needed to be with me. He’s actually on a trip right now and I won’t see him until probably Monday. 😦 But it’s a good trip for him and so I can’t be too upset that he’s not here with me right now. I want him to enjoy his trip a lot!

Well, except that I miss him and I want him here. But still, I’m not too upset. LOL

To The Moon and Back

It’s kinda fun being on his avatar sometimes. I usually end up taking him shopping. Tonight was no different. We went to get the Gos sneakers that are at Gacha Garden. The girls helped me get an extra Rare pack earlier so I could pass it to him and he could have black sneakers. For yearssssss, Al wore the same Converse style sneakers. Only they were SUPER old. Like, sculpts and invisiprims old. He wore them with everything!! But finally he gave them up. I think mostly because once he went to a mesh body and mesh feet, they didn’t fit anymore. I’m not sure if he misses them, honestly. But when I saw these sneakers, I figured I’d take him to go get them! There was not a size specifically to fit the male Slink feet [there is for the women, and a Maitreya size], but there was an unrigged pair. I managed to get them to fit his feet and also just look proportionate to his body. I did end up using some socks from a pair of his Fatewear shoes to make it look better, too. He has several colors in his HUD now, too, just because well…I made him play for colors 20 times. Because I needed the exclusive unicorns color for my shoes, and you could only get them if you played 20 times and my purse was empty. 🙂 Isn’t he the best??

We also went to The Mens Dept and there are some cute cute t-shirts there! Most of the time we can’t find anything there for him. But these tees are great! Fit for his body, cool retro prints, really awesome! And it’s like 30 prints for $399L. That is a ridiculous price for something like that. So he needed those, too!

I dunno. Maybe it’s pathetic that I drag him around with me when he’s not online and I miss him. But I don’t care. Yolo. *laughs*

I guess I should attempt sleep. ❤