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Life Is A Highway

First things first. I’m not sure anyone could possibly understand how much I love this car right now. I mean… this is honestly my most favorite car that I’ve ever had in SL and I used to have a hot pink one that flew. I’m so in love with this car! It’s from Consignment and you can get it at The Arcade this month. I LOVE IT.

Life Is A Highway

Okay, now that I’m done squealing about my new car…

All of my renters have left Bluebonnet. 😦 It’s sad. Emerald wrote a really lovely blogpost about her time on Bluebonnet, complete with pictures of the the fun she had living here. Some of them left me “notes” on their parcel info so I’d find them before they left. It’s been… emotional, to say the least. But honestly, that’s why I fought so hard to keep the sim running. It was them.

But, things change. Life is a highway and all that jazz. 🙂 And I am LOVING having the Oleanders living here now!! Oh gosh, you guys. The sim… well, it’s never looked so good! Lolita is doing such an amazing job, I am eager every day to run into SL and just be here! I was so stressed with the sim for so long, it was getting to where I didn’t want to log in at all because logging in meant chasing people for rent and everything associated with running this sim. To not have to do that anymore is incredible. And to live on what is becoming such an immensely beautiful sim is just wonderful!! She worked on half the island over the weekend while the other half was still occupied and I love it so much! Now she can start working on their own home and the other half and I can’t wait to see it all!

But the road is calling and my car and I have to go!

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It’s been a week since Aldwyn and I have been alone together, so tonight was really nice to just sit with each other as I redecorated our bedroom.


So we have all been busy busy doing our Arcade shopping! Of course, that means extras, so we have our Yard Sale set up on Bluebonnet. We even have an upstairs area for older items. When I was up there earlier, I noticed there were a few old rares from previous Arcade rounds. There’s a teleporter at the sale that takes you up to the older stuff, so it’s not all mixed together or anything. I haaaaate when yard sales have all their stuff mixed together. Separate them! When I’m on a mission to find this round’s stuff, I don’t want to look through all your stuff from last year’s rounds and also every other gacha event on the grid. :-p

I really had a lot more I was going to say in here tonight but I think I waited too long to start writing and now I’m really sleepy! Oh well, I guess there’s always tomorrow. 🙂