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Who made you the MM Police?!

I love Midnight Mania boards. There’s something so awesome to me about just walking in somewhere, touching a board, and waiting for a gift at midnight. No hunting, no joining groups [usually], just touch a board and leave.

But, there is fun to be had at MM boards. You can stick around and see when it goes into lockdown, talk to people, and just chill. Unfortunately, for a GOOD MM board, or a prize that people really really want, the scene sometimes just looks like this as it gets closer to midnight.


I’ll say this right now… Fug loves a MM board. LOL! Seriously, go hang out at one sometime. It gets bad! Tyson and I like to sit on top of this one and cheer when people get on the board. We REALLY wanted these dinosaurs!!! Instead, mostly we saw stuff like this.

MM Fug

If you look at the ears of the girl who wouldn’t rez in the pink thing, they were blinging for all they were worth. For some reason, bling always shows up even when their faces do not.

The funniest/most irritating part of the MM boards are the self-appointed MM Police. The ones who stand around screaming for people to leave once they’ve hit the board to try to lessen lag, even though they themselves are still there. Or the ones who try to control the situation by telling people who can hit the board when. And then there’s the ones who tell everyone who hits it, regardless of where the person is standing, that they’re now on the board. One girl was very much doing this last night. Now please notice the time stamp of one of her first comments.

[2009/09/25 23:29] Dixiecupp Denimore: I guess all of us who already hit it should probably leave…. to let the sim stabilize for other people to hit the board!!!!

Did she leave? Nope. She kept telling people every time they hit the board.
Dixiecupp got miffed because we did not appreciate her policing the MM board and the sim in general. Poor baby.

Anyway, help me get that brontosaurus, please, by going to slap the board at Neon Frog. I don’t care if you don’t need a dinosaur right NOW, you might need it later!! 🙂

It’s not a gym day, but it is treadmill time! 🙂

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Here chick chick chick….

I love prim pets in SL. Yes, I am totally the queen of buying stuff I don’t need and that serves no actual useful purpose to me. 🙂 Everyone knows how utterly in love I was with my kitten, Elle, after I got her. Elle hasn’t been seen because while we were living like hobos on my sky platform, somehow she fell off and I didn’t see her again. Luckily, she was [or her replacement was] in my inventory. Now that we have our fabulous new home, I could finally put out her food dish, bathtub, and house.

Elle again

Now she can just hang out again in our big beautiful new home, and not fall off and into the great unknown.

But last night, Nikki mentioned that she won chickens from a Midnight Mania board at the Lavish Chicken Shop. And not just chickens that wander around. Oh no. You get the eggs, they hatch, you feed them, and watch them grow!


I so so so want these chickens. So if you have a chance, run over to the shop and get on the Midnight Mania board today please!! I need chickens for my front yard. I’ll probably forget to feed them at some point and they will die, but…chickens!!

It’s a lovely day here in my physical world, so I think I’m going to make some iced tea and enjoy the rest of the afternoon.

Sweet Tea