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So i’m gonna shake and shimmy it with all my might today…

You know, way back before I was married [Well, like last week.] I was perfectly able to entertain myself for hours. I’m not the kind of person who allows herself to get bored very often because boredom, from myself or others, irritates me a lot! You can’t expect other people to constantly be in your face making sure that you’re amused. It’s totally annoying to other people!

But, I’m only human, and I found myself a little bored tonight. Mmm…Okay, I’m lying. It wasn’t that I was really BORED, it was mostly that I wanted something to do so that I wouldn’t have to clean my inventory!! So I guess I didn’t want to be entertained as much as I wanted to be distracted. And since Aldwyn put a ring on it, I figure that’s pretty much like saying he has to be there to entertain me. I mean, I’m PRETTY sure that was in the vows.

However, he was busy playing with his new laptop speakers and NOT paying attention to me. I KNOW, RIGHT? So I set about finding random things to do. Heck, I even made the island flooded again because it makes me laugh so much when I do it.

Oh another flood

Luckily for Al [and the rest of the island], he logged in fairly soon after the flooding. Of course, he started the conversation with “How much trouble did you cause?” Grumble. We spent the rest of the evening in the gazebo dancing and talking. I love the nights we can spend talking about things that are on our minds for hours. It’s never long enough to me. 🙂

Tonight he wasn't too lazy to dance

I still have to clean inventory, though. Al says he does, too. He suggested we get friends together to clean inventory. I think that would be fun! Well, as long as no one get all weird about seeing body parts, since the inventory cleaning parties I’ve had before usually led to a bunch of naked girls on posestands.

Hmm. We might need to think about this.

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I’m just pretending to be boring, really!

I let my post for yesterday kind of do it for the day, because well, it would have seemed cold if I’d put another thanks.

But, truthfully? I have almost nothing to talk about. I haven’t done much but sit around and when my SL self is just about as lazy as my RL self is being, that doesn’t make for very good blogging.

The funny thing is that I’m talking to and getting to know more people right now than I ever have before. Through the wonderful madness that is Plurk, I’ve met people that I never really knew before. Through different blogs, I’m getting to know people too. I just…don’t see them in world. A lot of that is my fault, I’m sure. But also, a lot of them are busy content creators or busy in relationships, so it makes it harder to hang out. But there is always Plurk, and I’m happy to chat with them there.

One thing that I’m pretty excited about is the upcoming Shoe Expo, for which I am a blogger for. So you know, if you’re going to be in the expo this year & have teaser pics, drop them on me! But the best thing? I get in to the expo early. Finally! LOL! I have never been let into an expo or fair early before. I got in early at Winterstock because of a group, but it’s not exactly the same thing. I’m not shopping much at all until the expo. I already know which vendors I HAVE to hit up first.

It’s almost 4am, so I should go to sleep. I’m going to make a point out of actually doing SOMETHING when I get up. 🙂

Ali’s Thanks of the Day: As much as it sometimes breeds drama & craziness, I’m quite thankful for Plurk, because it’s helped me get to know people a little bit better. 🙂

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Ok, I don’t mean to sound like a bitch, but why is it almost everytime I take a picture of someone in overly whoreish clothing, they’re wearing Luck Inc.?


Does that say VD on her one covered buttcheek? Fitting.

It’s kind of sad because the textures are usually great, but I could not in good faith wear their clothing or blog it on the style blog just for the fact that it’s gotten fugged so much. They should learn to use their skills for good, not fug.

Just my $2L on that.

I did see this guy earlier today and thought this shirt was funny.

I like his shirt

That hair has to go, though.

Wow, I’m full of opinions tonight! LOL!

I’ve been quiet this week, in large part to being completely irritable about the weather in my physical world. If you follow me on Plurk or talk to me in world, you’ve probably noticed I’ve been … oh, let’s just say I’ve been negative lately. It happens every fall, this one is no exception, although it is not quite as bad as in years past, and for that I am very grateful. It really makes you feel blessed to have friends who pat you on the back and tell you it’s ok if you’re not feeling like yourself. I love my friends, they help me get out of bed each day. 🙂

So when I wasn’t filling my irritable hours playing Wii bowling, I did some exploring. I went out to Philip Linden’s new island, P Squared. It was…cute. LOL I mean, as far as islands go, it was cute. Nothing overly special, although I guess it’s not supposed to be.


As far as I could tell, M owns the island, and Alexa Linden put down everything. So how much Philip actually had to do with it, I don’t know. But it’s nice to see that even Lindens sometimes have issues placing things.


I’ve been spending time setting up our new house, too. My honey and I haven’t had much time together in world recently because of a bad router, so I didn’t want to do TOO much. Of course, he always tells me whatever I want our home to look like is up to me. He’s the best. 🙂 I’m really happy with how the bedroom has turned out.

New bedroom

This is seriously the most boring blogpost. Like, even I’M getting bored of it. Sorry, guys. :-p

I’ll end with this… Red River Shootout is Saturday! HOOK EM HORNS!!

Go Longhorns!

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Friday In Pictures

Usually on Friday nights, I get together with my best friend of 14 years for either time at the gym, or dinner, or shopping, or sometimes all of it. But her little one has the H1N1 [prayers that he recovers quickly from that would be helpful, btw.] and so she’s under quarantine with her family. So resigned to a night in SL, I was hopeful that Tyson or Sophia would be in world, since I haven’t gotten to see either of them much lately. But, that was not to be either. So…I set about entertaining myself. If you’re on my plurk list, you already pretty much saw these pictures. 🙂

I started out by running around in my toe shoes [yes, still] and heading out to Ministry of Motion to play with dances.


While I was there, a girl stopped to ask me what was at that store. Uh… look around? LOL Then she asked me if I got paid for dancing there. Nope, sorry, these dance pads take your money, they don’t give it to you. Might be for the best. She might have taken camping money and bought another outfit like this.


After that, I went home and decorated the front of the house for Halloween. The inside of our home still isn’t really furnished, but the front looks good. LOL

I decorated a bit

One thing I really wanted to do on the island for the fall was create a pumpkin patch. So…that’s what I did.

The Pumpkin Patch

Then I got bored, used the Emerald Viewer command “gth 1000000,” and …

1,000,000 meters

Not a good look.

Then I did a little yardwork.

Work work work

Jump in!

I thought I’d go over and check on Emerald’s chickens, since she’s about to send most of them to the big chicken coop in the sky. I didn’t realize she had her turtles out in the chicken coop. But um…hey Em? I’m kinda thinking this? Isn’t right.

Uh oh.

I spent the rest of the evening putting down a few things in the house [not in place, mostly just in one room to look at them] and watching two explorers wander the island. As I watched them, I realized that the island has never been prettier. I also realized I spend too much time keeping busy and not enough time just exploring what others have done.

Maybe one day I’ll learn to just relax and smell the roses. 🙂

Huge roses

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Well…I got a tote bag.

There’s been a big ol’ drama lately about photostudios. Look, you can go out and spend THOUSANDS of $L on the “best” photostudio in world if that’s what you want to do. But quite honestly, it’s probably not going to make your photos look that great if you don’t know what you’re doing. If you want the super professional looking photos, you’re either going to have to go to a professional, or you’re going to have to learn Photoshop/GIMP/Paint Shop Pro or whatever the editing software du jour is. And you’re going to have to know proper angles, get the lighting right, etc.

This is where I take my photos for most of my review pictures.

I have one “studio” ball thing that I can just sit on and use arrows to flip through. I got it for free or for very very very cheap at some point. It’s nice, but I did disable the light. I use the other sphere, which I made all by myself, for almost 80% of my photos. I can color it any color I want! :-O LOL And the 2 prims over on the side I use for photos on occasion for some reason that I can’t remember right now. I use my freebie posestands [IM me, I’ll totally give you one if you need one] and that’s it. I use good Windlight settings, and then do any clean up in Photoshop, and then if I REALLY need to, I use Photoscape to add borders or lighting effects. That’s all. 🙂 My photos aren’t the super fantastic, but they’re clean. Of course, when I need a great photo done, I beg Skyhawke to do one of me. He could throw me in front of any ol’ prim and the photo would still come out looking like a million $L. But that’s because he’s got skillz.

And that’s my opinion on the photostudio debate. LOL

Anyway, so, not having much to do today, I decided I’d actually do a bit of exploring. After all, how much can I blog about clothes and chickens before people get bored? 🙂 So I opened up the Showcase thing in search and decided today I would look at the Education & Nonprofit tab and maybe get some learnin’ in my brain.

Yeah, not so much.

The first stop on my little tour was the Virtual Stomach Museum, because I’ve always been interested in medical type stuff.

Stomach Museum

The “museum” was…well, it was dull. There were some pictures, some writing, and that’s about it. It was also pretty small. So I’m not QUITE sure how it got to be in the Showcase.

The only thing I saw to do was open the stomach.

Open stomach

Not fun, so I left.

Next up, I decided to check out Dive World. Hey, I like the ocean.

However, Dive World dumps you immediately in the ocean when you teleport in. That’s not exactly the most welcoming of entrances. I flew up and around and landed in front of a store with some dive equipment. I was looking around when a very brand new resident came running up.

He's .... really new.

[13:06] Alicia Chenaux: Not to be mean or anything…but you realize you have boobs, right?

Turns out, he knew. But he switched back to a male shape. We talked briefly, but after he asked me “Do you cum here often,” I knew it was probably time to get out of there. Dive World…not so much fun.

Hoping for the best, I went out to Virtual Native Lands, which is advertised as “Authentic Native American culture celebrated on three beautiful islands of immersive educational exhibits.” It can’t get much worse at this point, right?

I teleport in and hey, I get a tote bag for coming! What a tote bag has to do with anything, I have no idea, but hey, it’s a tote bag!

Virtual lands

The islands are cute, but seem like they’re in need of an update. But there were things to read and sit on and do. I even got to read the story of the strawberries. Strawberries are my favorite fruit, btw. You know. In case you were wondering. LOL

I did get to do some stuff. Like weave a blanket…


Roll some corn…

Cornrolls. LOL

And sit on a boat that went nowhere.

I'm on a boat!

So… Yeah, so, exploring today was a bit of a bust. But, at least I got a tote bag out of it.

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When I got up this morning, I saw an offline that someone had triggered the security orb on the skyworld. Right away I got a little nervous, because I hate people I don’t know up there. So I log in and find exactly what I think I’ll find. Two people have set up home on the island again. Not the same ones as last time. This time Baton Avril and Sany Chrome thought it would be ok to set this mess up above the party ball.

Another stupid build that's not mine!

They were only using about 150 prims as compared to the 400 the other losers had been using, but still. That’s 150 prims from someone I don’t know. So I sent Sany [who was online at the time] an IM and then returned all their crap. Then I set the land to no build except for the land group. It sucks that it came to that, but if I have friends come over or something, I’ll turn it off so they can rez boxes or whatever. Autoreturn isn’t on because we have too many things on the island that are set to different groups [I’m horrible about never setting anything to a group. LOL] but the no build should fix up this squatter problem. I even thought about shutting off public access to my part of the island, and even went as far as adding people to the list who would be most likely to come over, but I really don’t want to do that. That’s just getting silly about it. No build is fine.

So then I flew around to check out what Bone & Sehra have done to the new addition to their land. Bone named it Skull Island. It’s really nice!

Skull Island

But then….



Ahhhh!!!! Skull Island is flooded!!!!


And Emerald’s house is flooded!!! Ahhhh!! Get the sand bags!! Protect her fish!!


And the Fiesta Spot is flooded!! We’re going to have to swim dance! Save the tequila! Ahhhhh!!!!


And then I fell off the deck! Ahhhh!!


LMAO… omg. Why do people leave me alone?! See what I get into??

Don’t worry. The island dried up quickly. The sun was hot. 🙂

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Thinking up titles is so 2008. :-p

I really have some awesome readers! Yesterday I was standing around and I got a gift!


A pink bear and I can hold it? It’s perfect for me! Thanks Caitlain!!

I have to admit, I spent quite a bit of time yesterday just sitting in the garden holding my new bear. I’ve been in kind of a weepy girl mood lately for some unknown reason. I don’t like being alone for too long in SL, and I am so incredibly lucky that my girls won’t let me be alone for too long. We had a super impromptu party at my fiesta area the other night. They grab me for shopping or other parties or to come see this or that. It keeps me from staring too long at the bottom right hand corner of my screen. lol

One great thing about the girls dragging me off the island so much is that I get all kinds of fabulous pictures for WTFug. LOL Such as this picture from a absolutely horrific bikini contest Sophia unknowingly took us to. Seriously, in her defense, she thought it was just a bikini party that her friend was DJing, not some crazy bikini contest with voting and junk. The girls who entered were…well, they… oh just look.

The ugliest 'kini contest ever. EVER.

Booty McTits down walking in front of the stage down there is the one who ended up winning. Oily St.Male came in 3rd. We’ll see Oily again in WTFug in a closer picture.

And laggy? Oh man, was that place laggy.

Meara Deschanel: everyone is still rezzing – wth is this?
Sophia Harlow: hell, i think

Sometimes I wish the contestants hadn’t rezzed for me.

The best part about the contest was the emoting the girls were trying to use to catch the votes. Such as…

Oily St.Male: _.;:+*’`’*+:;..;:+*’`’*+:;. THIS TUNE VIBRATES MY PUNANI! .;:+*’`’*+:;..;:+*’`’*+:;._

Candy Moundfuzz grins wickedly as her body moves, moving in a lustful frenzy pace. Her body wanting to feed that sweet agony of teasing. As she lets out a demanding roar, her eyes darkened, like orbs of fire, blazed with that sinful lust. Her hand reaching out, holding that forbidden apple, daring you to take that first bite,to give into your most taboo fantasy and temptation.

Oily St.Male slips her fingers into her bikin straps and pops them against her silky skin [Silky? She was sweating Crisco!]

Booty McTits crwals to the stage

Booty McTits moves hipnotically

Yeah. We were crying with laughter because it was just that damn bad. LOL!! Watch out for Candy’s orbs of fire!! I was also sure that Booty couldn’t get on the stage with the other girls because she slipped on all the oil that Oily was dripping all over and never could get back up there. It’s ok. She made her own little stage in front. Whew, I bet you were worried, huh? And then she went on to win. Way to go, Booty!

It’s wet and cold here in my RL today, which makes me a sad panda. So I think I’ll log into SL and soak up the virtual sunshine.

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A bit of a catty post. A bit. :-p

So Sophia and I finished up our 5 Day No Shopping Except Freebies, Dollarbies, Group Gifts, and Lucky Chairs Challenge. It’s Saturday in Australia. Don’t judge. :-p

We ran over to Truth to hit up the sale and ick. LOL There was so much bad fashion and crazy people, I didn’t know what to think. We even got kind of surrounded by this!

We need to run.

Alicia Chenaux: omg, this is going to be a whole wtfug post. bling blanging at truth.
Sophia Harlow: it is unreal
Sophia Harlow: i think you are a fug magnet
Sophia Harlow: ive never seen anything like this

I should have put that guy in WTFug, but that would have been too easy. LOL Plus I didn’t get a very good picture of him because I was blinded by his partner’s bling.

Oh, also this random guy kept going away. I don’t know who he was, but it really bugs me when people go Away in stores because I feel like if they can’t be bothered to stay there long enough to shop and leave and free up a spot for someone else, especially during a sale, then they need to just NOT be there. Log out or something.

Alicia Chenaux: there. i finally pushed that guy’s head into the wall. that’s what he gets for going away so much.
Sophia Harlow: omg go stand next to him and take a picture


After all the fun at Truth, we went our separate ways and I hopped around the grid picking up things that I saw this week and wanted and couldn’t buy. I got the cutest shirt that I really should have taken a picture of, but I’m sure I will at some point because I love it. While I was hopping around, we got into a discussion about the new Ingrid shoes from Stiletto Moody. Personally, I’ve yet to see anyone in world who has the fake foot the same color as their skin on the first BARE shoes that came out. I saw a blog post earlier on the new Ingrid ones and the SHOES themselves are just wonderful. Probably because they’re “inspired” by a Gucci heel. [See what I did there?] If these shoes were available without the freaky foot, I’d probably buy them, a sentiment shared by many of my friends. But looking at them on the stand, in just a plain Daylight setting….

Uh. Not hardly.

I’m NOT paying $2199L for a wrinkled ankle with a big seam line. No no no.

And what’s up with the no demo thing still? SM is over a year old, right? Hello? I wouldn’t even buy $50L hairs today without demoing them first. LOL

I’m completely starving [as I have been all day] so I think it’s dinner time and then more SL time. 🙂

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I’m bored, so here’s a pic!

Not much going on in my SL lately that’s really all that blogworthy. The group has been obsessed with the word “Buttsecks” lately, which cracks me up each and every damn time. They’re so freakin’ quotable I could start another blog just with quotes. We learned Nikki is a dirty pirate whore. Laleeta is apparently the best buttsecks around. I got freebie hooker boots and Brody says he could rent me out for loads of money. Sophia and I are *this* close to completing our 5 Day No Shopping Except Freebies, Dollarbies, Group Gifts, and Lucky Chairs Challenge. Tomorrow is the last day. \o/ But I’ll tell ya…without shopping in SL, I don’t seem to have much to do lately. Which makes me think I need to get back into building things, or at least clean my inventory. Umm…I think I was supposed to be doing that anyway, as part of the challenge. Oops.

Last week some of the girls got together and we forced Sophia’s husband to take a picture of us while in our schoolgirl outfits from The Sweetest Goodbye. He did a marvelous job, as always. We do appear to be reform school girls, though. But that’s not the fault of the photographer. LOL


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Making a post out of nothing at all

I have a bunch of blog posts in my head. But with doing other blog posts, reading other blogs, plurks, parties, spending time with Levi & Cen, RL things, and a little detective work – well…who has time to write?

Plus, when I DO sit down to write posts, they end up being SO long. And I do mean long. So I’ve saved a couple, but I have to go back and try to revamp them to be shorter.

But until I do that, we’ll talk about something else. 🙂 I FINALLY managed to shove myself in to Hair Fair. I know, I said I wasn’t going on opening day, but I just couldn’t live another moment without THIS hair from Curio.

My new favorite hair!

This one is called Lovely, and it so is. The moment I had tried on the demo, I just couldn’t get it out of my head. I also picked up Rabid while I was at the Curio stall, because I love love love it too.

The lag was, of course, horrific. And believe me, some of those women strutting around put the “HOR” in horrific. Just for fun, I had turned on the Avatar Rendering Cost thing before heading out there. I had an ARC of 1. I didn’t have any scripted things, any prims, nothing. I get out there and the red numbers are ALL over. I mean, just flashing here and there. 2000, 3000, 5000… It was bad. Now I know that ARC isn’t the be-all/end-all of lag measuring. But it was something to see, that’s for sure.

So I make it over to the Curio stall, FINALLY, and then I decide to go look for the Pixel Dust stall. Well, lag starts getting worse and worse. I even resort to that box trick that everyone out there was doing, even though I’m pretty sure that might have been lagging the place out, too. But I couldn’t walk, and I do have a pretty good computer, you know? I look out and I see a bright red ARC, and it looks really long. I think, “Oh, two avatars must be on top of each other.” As I’m trying to move my box around, I stop and I cam over to the number. 132,051.

I almost fall off my box.

I rub my eyes, I stare more, and it doesn’t change. Over 130,000 ARC!! How…how is that possible?! I’m staring at this guy and I take a picture, even though because he was a ways away from me and SL was making his eyes look crazy.

ARC of over 130,000.

I still have no idea how his ARC was THAT high. I tried to move my box a little closer so I could inspect his hair, just to see what was up. But unfortunately, I crashed trying to do that. And my box is lost at the Hair Fair. I think it’s near the Hair Solutions stall, if anyone wants to delete it. lol

After that whole thing, I spent some time hanging out on a posestand, fixing my new hair and chatting with the group. Then I got really bored and I went shopping. I ended up buying the cutest lingerie at Insolence!! I cannot wait for Levi to get home so I can show it to him. 🙂

I guess I’ll head to bed. I have some RL visiting to do tomorrow, and that usually requires at least 6 hours of sleep. LOL