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Big Bitch Sunday

I’m not feeling so hot today, so let’s start off with me getting some stuff off my chest. You know how we do Love Thursday? Well, look out for Big Bitch Sunday.

I hate the new LeLutka skin because it looks like shit on my face, I am not a fan of the whole zombie look, I can’t stand that ::69:: charges for their group and has $1L demos that come in 3 sizes when their hair only comes in 1 size, I hate tier time because I don’t feel comfortable or feel like I can shop until I know it’s paid, I hate that I never get even near enough time with the people I love, and I hate that it’s still rainy, gray, and gross in my physical world.

There’s a big hubbub right now that fashion bloggers need to disclose if they paid for what they are reviewing or if they got it for free as a review copy. And that’s fine. I don’t mind telling people if someone was kind enough to give me something for free that they want me to promote on my blog. I’m more than happy to do it. But I do think there’s going to be a huge bitchfit if all the review bloggers start doing it. Most people think that anything we blog, we get for free anyway. For those of us who are not big time bloggers, that’s just not true. A lot of us pay for what we review. However, there are some bloggers that haven’t paid for a thing in ages because they ask for review copies and kiss a lot of designer ass. I died today when I asked a designer I love for a review copy, even though she told a group to please ask for a copy of her latest work if we wanted to blog it. But if some people knew how much free swag certain bloggers got, it would make them sick.

What else can I bitch about? Oh, plurk. There are 2 people on plurk that I absolutely cannot stand. One was a friend who showed her true colors to me recently and one has always been someone I don’t like. The problem? They are friends with almost every one of my plurk buddies, so I have to see them blah blah blahing all over the place. It makes it EXTREMELY hard not to reply back to their ridiculous comments sometimes, so as a result, I end up having to mute a lot of my friends’ plurks. It really sucks. And drama breeds on plurk, and the last thing I want to do is add to it. God knows some of these “fashionistas” can’t ever stop picking at scabs in order to make someone bleed. At least I stay quiet. Usually.

But it’s not all bad today. I get to blog a dress from someone I’ve long admired, I saw a cute movie on TV, and I have new hair.

New hair from 69

Hopefully I’ll be able to have some fun tonight in SL. I really kind of think I need it. Badly.

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Blah blah blah. LOL

I should be working on a couple of review posts for my new review blog, but I’m tired. My first review post showed up on Avanista today, which was REALLY weird to me for some reason. We’ve had WTFug on the feed there since it started, so it’s not like I’ve never see a post of mine on a feed before, but it was more like, “Oh, hey, look at me reviewing something like I know what I’m talking about…” LOL

Oh, I haven’t done a chicken update in a while. Umm…well, there have been some deaths, some adoptions [not me adopting, others adopting mine], and some births. Duncan, the black chicken of death, grew to breeding age and killed one rooster, and then killed Pollos Rylan & Pumpkin. I guess they couldn’t handle him? But Pollo Sehra, who was recently revived from an accidental starvation, has now had 4 babies from Duncan. Unfortunately, they were all Originals, much to my dismay. Nikki and Al had run away to the beach and have been living in a pen with Randy, and now Nikki’s popping out babies like mad. One of her babies met a sad death when I was on the beach shooting an exploding trailer and it got caught in the fire. Oops. Yeah, I guess I’m almost kinda over the whole chicken thing, but not over enough to just give them all away or let them wander into the ocean.

I really didn’t plan anything for a hump day party this week. My new kitten, Holly, goes in for her spaying in the morning [we have to be there in 5 hours, actually], and I have a feeling I’m going to be spending most of the evening making sure she’s ok. She’s barely 3 months old so she’s going to be seen by the baby surgeon. My poor little girl. She’s sleeping half on the keyboard and half on my hand right now, making typing pretty hard.

But, I am DJing the SL Bloggers party this coming weekend. I’m really excited about that!! I’m torn between trying to put together a playlist or doing what I do best and winging it. LOL

Ok, since I do have to be up in about 4 hours to get Holly ready to go, I guess I should get in bed. I was trying to put the pictures together for a Belle Belle review I’m doing and I thought this one was cute, so I had to doctor it up more. Noel had to pose with me for the review because I made him. 😉 The review pics won’t be this photoshopped up because I hate when people do that, but here I can play. 🙂 Goodnight all.

Cute Secrets

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If you are looking for the BBBC sign up post, click here. If you’re looking for the topic for Tuesday, it’s right here.


I’ve been kicking around an idea in my head for some time, but haven’t gone through with it because I didn’t want people to think I was getting too big for my britches [a phrase that still cracks me up] or that I’m just trying to make myself be something I’m obviously not. But you see, I’ve been doing reviews for a while now, and tutorials here and there, and I’ve been asked more and more lately to do these things. I love to do them, I really do. I don’t think I’m exceptionally great at them, but love to do them. But although I have a fairly modest readership [average is about 300 hits per day on a regular week], I’ve always felt a little “off” about not having these wonderful things on any of the feeds. I think that does a bit of disservice to those who are sweet enough to actually want me to blog their items, and to those whose items I blog just because I bought them and like them. Plus, I feel it takes away from the more personal side of my blog. Does that make sense? I don’t blog about just everyday stuff or thoughts or whatever as much as I did because I feel like I can’t because I have a review to do. Oh, and sometimes I want to find a particular thing I did and then I can’t because it’s been surrounded by 20 other posts. LOL That’s a bad thing too.

So in the interest of keeping everything together, maybe getting on a fashiony type feed [which I don’t believe I should do with this blog simply because not all my posts are review posts], I’ve decided to start a separate blog just for reviews. An extension of this blog, if you want to call it that. I’ll still be doing the same kind of posts I do now, there’s no reason to change that. I’ll still be reviewing everything from hair to furniture to random junk I just like. It’s really more just for me to keep stuff together, and to feel like this blog is a place where I can just ramble as much as I used to. I have the blog started already, but I’m trying to post all my old reviews to it first – or at least the ones I’ve done this year. I have 3 new reviews to pop up there and that’s when I’ll give people the link. 🙂 I’m actually feeling really good about this decision.

In other news… I adopted a kitten from our local animal shelter yesterday. 🙂 [Um, physical world, not SL.] Her name is Holly and she’s adorable. If you’re on my plurk list, you’ve probably seen her picture already. She’s about as sweet as can be, funny and playful, and has no respect for your personal space. So if I’m distracted in SL these days, there’s a good chance there’s a tiny kitten trying to stick her head in my mouth.

I’m off now to go see how much updating the party ball needs. Because tomorrow…. PARTY!!!!

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Wine & Roses Pretties!

I’ve said time and time again that I feel extremely blessed to be friends with some extraordinarily talented people in SL, and today is just another one of those days. 🙂 My friend Nika Dreamscape is an exceptionally talented artist [I never can resist buying a few of her works when I attend her shows!] who opened up a store in the past few months called Wine & Roses. She sells her artwork, mostly on vases and candles, but she’s also created now a line of “windows” with her art behind them!

These are SO SO cute, and so perfect if you’re living in a skybox without windows, or really for any room of your house. Check them out!

Review - Wine & Roses - Window 1

Review - Wine & Roses - Window 2

Review - Wine & Roses - Window 3

Review - Wine & Roses - Window 4

At only 3 prims each, you’ll agree that they’re a very adorable addition to any home! The windows are only $150L each, which makes them not only adorable, but affordable as well. There are several others at her shop, so you’ll want to check them all out!

Wine & Roses on Byte Island – SLurl
New store at the Starlust – SLurl
Wine & Roses on Xstreet.

Also in this post:

Skin: Kimberly in Glamour by Free Speerit
Eyes: Open Ocean by Miriel
Hair: Chalisa II in Platinum [old texture] by ETD
Jacket: Stitched Suede in Burgundy by Malt [Malt review to come later today]
Shirt: amiYumi Halter in Whimsy by Novocaine
Pants: City Slacks in Espresso by Novocaine
Shoes: Starley pumps in Cocoa by ETD
Klein Sectional Sofa by The Loft
Taken in my home, Licia’s Loft by Ingmann Design

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Sunday love

Truth Hawks is definitely one of my favorite designers on the grid, because not only is he talented and hard working, but he’s very funny and kind. He always makes me smile when he pops up out of nowhere to call me stinky [I really don’t know what that’s about], but I smile even more when I find out he has a new release!

One thing that I adore for summer are pretty little dresses, and it’s so hard to find cute ones in SL that aren’t too dressy, or ones that don’t give away the farm. The new Sunday dresses by Truth are just perfect!

Review - Truth - Sunday

I’m wearing the dresses in Aqua, Quince, and Pearl, but there are 10 yummy colors available. Each dress comes with skirts your choice of a black or brown belt [I’m wearing the brown on the Pearl color and black on the other 2], AND he’s been thoughtful enough to attach and label the skirts for both the pelvis and the stomach attachments. Oh, I wish all designers would do this! It’s so much easier to change or add items if you know where they are going. I absolutely fell in love with the texturing of this dress, especially the hem of the skirt. Possibly the only thing I don’t like is that when I walk, it tends to fly up quite a bit in the back, but luckily the glitch pants underneath are more “panties” than pants, and I’m going to assume some people don’t mind me walking around with my dress flying up in back. 🙂

Each Sunday dress is just $250L, a definite bargain for such an adorable dress. Be sure to also check out the other new releases at the Truth mainstore when you go to pick this up. 🙂

Also worn in this post:

Skin: Kimberly in Glamour by Free Speerit
Hair: Wendy in Platinum by Truth
Eyes: Open Ocean [standard size] by Miriel
Lashes: Diva lashes by LeLutka
Shoes: In the Pearl & Quince dresses, Beda sandals in Black & Brown by Periquita
In the Aqua dress, Devoue Sandal in black by Courtisane
Bracelet: Ribon Chain in Leopard by Mezzo
Poses by Imperial Elegance

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A little Tantric action for ya.

I get a little giddy when I get to review something from Belle Belle because I always know I’m going to love it. I had seen the photo for the new Lucky Board gift before I was asked to review it, and I had already planned on stalking the board.

The Tantric Lovin’ gift is so so cute! A pretty little “snowglobe,” it’s the perfect place to relax with somebody special and just get away from it all. So I grabbed my somebody special and forced him into posing with me. [Actually, I think he was making dinner as I moved us all around, but that’s ok.]

Review - Belle Belle - Tantric Lovin

Coming in at 62 prims, it’s filled with pillows and candles and I just love the pretty beadwork around the base. The inside of the globe has very light sparkly particles, so I set us up in a “space” type box along with some super cute stars I stumbled across in my inventory and now can’t stop playing with.

But of course the best thing about the globe is that it’s menu driven, with 4 poses for you and your special someone. When you first click on it, choose the option to Rez Hearts. That will put the poseball hearts outside of the globe so you can easily sit before moving inside.

Review - Belle Belle - Tantric Lovin - Meditate

Review - Belle Belle - Tantric Lovin - Together

Review - Belle Belle - Tantric Lovin - Close

Review - Belle Belle - Tantric Lovin - Entwine

I did get a comment out of that last pose. “Flexible!” Hehe, yes.

While you’re out stalking the Lucky Board at Belle Belle to get this fabulous gift, be sure you also hit up the Midnight Mania board. I think that the Luna set is almost complete, and I know I can’t wait to see what’s coming up next because Leyla is ALWAYS super super generous in her gifting. And if I’m not mistaken, you can still look for the hunt gift from the Discovery Hunt, that amazing BBQ patio set I blogged before.

Have fun stalking the board! Believe me, it’s worth it!

Also shown in this post:

Skin: Kimberly in Natural by Free Speerit
Eyes: Open Ocean by Miriel
Lashes: Diva lashes by Lelutka
Hair: Amber in platinum by Truth
Dress: Sunset Boulevard in purple by Armidi Gisaci
Shoes: Pinup in black by Stiletto Moody

I’ll probably get this wrong, but I think Noel is wearing a Cambridge shirt by Armidi, the winter coat by Alphamale, jeans by WMD, shoes by Soreal, skin by Redgrave, and hair by Naughty Designs. But who’s really looking at the guy anyway, right? 😉

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Doing Laundry the Belle Belle Way!

My furniture hunt has momentarily stalled because 1, my video card sucks and it’s hard for me to get around to too many places, and 2, I’m not actually home all that often these days. 🙂 But when I saw the new Laundry Set from Belle Belle, I *knew* I wanted it for my home! And lucky for me, I get to review it!!

[Please excuse my pics if they don’t look as good as the actual set looks in the store. I try to up my settings for review pics and sometimes I’m not sure if that’s as great as the items really look.]

Review - Belle Belle - Laundry set

92 prims of cuteness, this set is just the perfect little addition to your SL home. Everything is just adorably detailed, from the rack to dry your sweaters to the laundry tumbling inside the dryer. You can almost smell the fresh laundry scent!!

Along with the set comes a cute ironing board and an iron to hold.

Review - Belle Belle - Laundry set/ironing

What am I ironing? Well…I don’t know. Curtains or something. 🙂 It’s just precious and I do SO love just cute things in SL that really are just for show but bring just a touch of realism to the SL home.

Speaking of realism, does clean laundry turn you on? Because if it does, this set is totally right for you.

Review - Belle Belle - Laundry set/animations

Huge thanks to my buddy Aldwyn for posing with me for this since I couldn’t run 2 SL windows to bring in my male alt. Rylan, please don’t shank me for making your man pose with me. LOL!!

The Belle Belle Laundry set is a combined 109 prims of laundry fun and goes for $490L. I think it’s worth every prim and every $L if you love that cute home look. Be sure to hit up the Midnight Mania boards and check out all the other goodies at Belle Belle when you go to pick this up!

Also worn in this post:

Skin: Kimberly in Candy by Free Speerit
Eyes: Open Ocean [standard size] by Miriel
Lashes: Diva lashes by Lelutka
Hair: Willow by Truth
Shirt: White top from the Where The Boys Are set by Sn@tch
Skirt: Naive Ruffled skirt from the Punk Angel swag bag by Sn@tch, sent through DSN
Shoes: Baby Pink flats by 50 Flats

I couldn’t tell you what Al’s wearing. Sorry about that. LOL

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New Truth!

It’s no big secret that I’m a huge fan of Truth Hawks and his hair designs. I would never have agreed to pose for his store if I wasn’t. Along with being a fab hair designer, and a great clothing artist, he’s also a pretty decent guy who takes a fair amount of ribbing from a bunch of us. 🙂

Truth is also quite tireless in his work and releases new items frequently. [Seriously man, take a break once in a while!] But I’m glad he works like he does, because he keeps us all in awesome new hair! His latest 2 are just cute cute cute for summer!

The Linda

Review - Truth - Linda

A mass of soft flippy waves, this hair is just too cute for words! It’s exactly how I’d want my hair to be, if I could get it to be anything more than straight without the use of multiple styling tools and if I could stand short hair on myself. 🙂 But I just loveeee it! $225L for a pack of colors, and believe me, it’s totally worth it.

The Jess

Review - Truth - Jess

The Jess is a very posh style, sleek and feminine with an edge. I just adore the little bobby pins holding the side. And the best part of this style? It’s FREE. Oh yes, you read that right. FREE. Amazing!! It’s Truth’s appreciation gift to customers and bloggers. Generous!! 😀

Be sure to head out to the store to pick these lovely styles – and many others – up soon!

Also worn in this post:

Skin: Kimberly in Ocean by Free Speerit
Eyes: Open Ocean [standard size] by Miriel
Lashes: Diva lashes by Lelutka
Dress: Aphrodite Cocktail in Faschi Pink by Armidi Gisaci
Lip Piercing: Delicate Fae by Otaku Designs
Poses by Imperial Elegance
Shoes: [cannot be seen] Patent Rose Grapefruit by 50 Flats

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Style & Smile!

I’ve mentioned cutie pai Sai Pennell several times in my blog because not only does she have incredible style and is one of my good friends and neighbors, but also because she makes some fabulous poses just perfect for fashion blogging. Her store, Imperial Elegance, is one that all fashion bloggers should be familiar with because Sai has the knack for making poses that don’t make you look all crazy and twist your clothes all out of shape.

Sai usually does one or two releases a month, usually near the beginning when she also puts out a picks reward gift. I was very lucky this time because she sent me a folder full of her new poses – Style!

Imperial Elegance - Style Poses

As you can see – perfect! My clothes aren’t stretched weird and I’m not contorted at all. I did no photoshopping aside from resizing and cropping, so my body and clothes are exactly as they were in world. Do you see any crazy twists and turns? Nope!

The Style poses will be released on Friday, May 1st, along with whatever little goodie she’s got for us in her picks reward board. Imperial Elegance also has couples poses [so cute!] and a wonderful free AO for women, so it’s always a store that you should be sure to make a stop in and recommend to any new residents looking for a free AO. Thanks again, cutie pai Sai!!

Also worn:

Skin: Kimberly in Candy by Free Speerit
Hair: Love Story in Harlow by Exile
Eyes: Open Ocean by Miriel
Lashes: Diva lashes by Lelutka
Feet: Bamboo Barefeet by SLink
Top: LucyBelle by Cheap Love Song
Shorts: Perfect Jean Shorts by Cheap Love Song [Dollarbie!]

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Discovering Belle Belle BBQ

Two Belle Belle posts in a row? You betcha!!

So a few days ago when I was at the store looking for furniture for my new house, I noticed a big sign announcing another hunt. I groaned, because frankly I’m just hunted OUT and almost prefer to shop in stores that don’t do them anymore. But Belle Belle actually had the upcoming hunt gift set up for show. I squealed because it was in fact exactly – EXACTLY – what I wanted for my new home in the patio area. And then I cried because this meant I’d have to come hunting. But luckily for me, the super awesome Leyla Firefly dropped the gift on me to review. I did a dance through plurk and then set it all up outside.

Review - Belle Belle - Discovery Hunt gift

This fantastic BBQ area is just so so perfect for summer. The primmiest part is the actual BBQ grill, coming in at 82 prims. But I love it!! There is also a pose and some BBQ tongs so you can grill up some goodies.

Review - Belle Belle - Discovery Hunt - BBQ

I think my favorite thing is the table. You and 5 of your friends can sit down, have a cold Coke [my fave!], or eat your yumminess. If you click on the Coke bottle, you get a glass. If you click on the placemats, you get a knife and fork, and click on the BBQ sauce bottle to have your food delivered in front of you. Amazing! I am a SUCKER for prim food.

Review - Belle Belle - Discovery Hunt - Eating

A closer shot of the food.

Review - Belle Belle - Discovery Hunt - Food

The Discovery Hunt starts this Friday and goes until the end of June. Why so long? Because it’s massive. Like, beyond massive. But since this was the only store I really wanted to get the gift from, I’m done. 🙂 Thanks Leyla, you’re awesome!!!

Other items in this post:

Skin: Kimberly in Candy by Free Speerit
Hair: Love Story in Harlow by Exile
Eyes: Open Ocean by Miriel
Lashes: Diva lashes by Lelutka
Feet: Bamboo Barefeet by SLink
Top: Henley Tank in Baby Blue by SecondWave Apparel
Shorts: Booty shorts in light blue by League
Pose by Imperial Elegance