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Day 92 – Glare

I’m not a morning person. At all. I tend to not feel RIGHT until about mid-afternoon or so. So if I wake up and am immediately annoyed, it sometimes lasts the rest of the day. Unfortunately, today was one of those days. From glaring at the cat for walking on me to glaring at the man at the grocery store who felt the need to get close to me and breathe on me, I’ve been glaring all day.

Day 92 - Glare

Luckily, tomorrow is another day.

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Up on the housetop

It always seems that the nights I want someone around, that’s when no one is around. Hmmph.

Up on the housetop

I don’t expect for people to entertain me. In fact, it annoys me when people seem to expect others to entertain them all of the time. But once in a while, I want someone around to skate with or go up and play Greedy or just sit around and do nothing together. Unfortunately, the two I am with the most are busy a lot, especially on the weekends. If all this alone time keeps up, I’m going to have to… I dunno, do something drastic.

You know. Like IM people or something.

Maybe I should get an SL job. Ooh, or I could make stuff and sell it! Yeahhhh! I’m not very good at building anymore, but I can make umm…boxes and stuff. Or I could buy sculpt packs and put shit together and tell people it’s awesome and that they have to buy it. Or I could take peoples’ pictures and because I can use shadows, I can call it art and charge them a lot of money. OR I COULD DO MORPHS! Plenty of skanks people in SL like morphs!

Hmm…or I could force my way into someone’s SL family and make them take care of me because I am so cute with my antlers! That would work, right?

Or I could just shut my mouth, take off my Crankypants, log off, and go to bed. Maybe I’ll do that instead.

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I seem to spend more time outside my house than inside these days, either on the porch or on the balcony.


I think this has more to do with the kitty extravaganza that’s going on inside the house than it does have to do with my love of my landscaping.

Audrey and Desi had another baby yesterday. Unfortunately, it was nothing special. Just a female smokey with blue eyes, exactly like the male one I got from the starter pack. Terribly disappointing. I’m giving them one more time to produce a kitten I can sell [and sell for a decent price] before I snap them back to non-breeders. I know that seems a little selfish, but quite honestly, I cannot afford to keep plugging money into this experiment with food and milk for 8 cats and get nothing in return. And it takes a week for them to be able to breed again, so it’s just… time AND money consuming.

George and Emma, my Leprecats, will most likely pop out a kitten in the next couple of days. Griffin is ready to go, but Sabine won’t be ready for probably 3 more days. Tony and Lucy just now started gaining love after their week of recovery or whatever, so I guess it’ll be a week before I get anything out of them.

If in 2 weeks, I don’t get anything good to sell, I’ll give away Griffin and Sabine, most likely, and the other 6 will go back to being non-breeders. I like them and all, but good God. My budget has a limit!

And so do I.

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Day 186 – Sometimes live music makes me cranky

I have to admit, I’ve never been a HUGE fan of live music in SL. Oh, I have a few artists that I enjoy, but I can count them on one hand. It’s not usually the music that gets me. It’s the people who attend the shows. So really, it’s rare that I venture out to concerts and I’ve been like that for a while. Now that I’m with someone who does enjoy live music in SL, we’ve gone to a few concerts in the past few days. [Wait till all the fashion shows start up again. Payback shall be sweet.] Tonight we hit up a country place where a guy was actually a pretty terrific singer. His followers, however…


Every person back there was muted. I could not enjoy the music AT ALL until I muted the entire crowd because there were SO. MANY. DAMN. GESTURES. Is it simply impossible to enjoy a show without blasting a 20 line gesture 5 times in a row? Am I missing something in that I want to just dance and listen to the music without hearing “HOOOOO!” and “ROAARRRRR” and “I LOVE THIS TUNNNNEEEE” 137 times in less than 10 minutes?

Of course, once I had them all muted, I started looking around.

Hola, skankola.

Thong th-th-th-thong

I don’t care how much I love someone, I would NEVER agree to wear a matching tragedy.

Uh. No.

These folks look like they’re lost.

They're in the wrong place, I think.

The music itself? Excellent. He was a pretty great singer, awesome voice. But the people. Oh, the people.

We attempted another show for someone else later, but I kept hearing a “ding! ding! ding!” in my ears. I thought I was going nuts [shut up], but nope.


He was NOT part of the band.

We decided going home was our best course of action.

I might just be cranky because I’m tired, but goodness. What a night.

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The List

If you value your face, I don’t want to be talked to about the following things for at least the next 3 days:

1. Open Space sims.
2. The upcoming election.
3. Halloween hunts.
4. “Omgwtf, I’m leaving SL.”

However, the following things are still good:

1. Fun, awesome sims like the bakery sim.
2. Gifts or sales unrelated to Halloween.
3. Silly gossip, like the fact that Cen & Dyami are having a prim baby.

I don’t want to be mean or anything, but heavens. I’m overloaded with this stuff and I don’t feel like I should have to have it thrust in my face at every turn.

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*rubs her head*

I took yesterday away from SL. Didn’t even touch the icon on my desktop. I thought a day away would do me good, and it did. I woke up today and I was excited to go back in. That excitement lasted about 30 minutes before one of my bigger renters on the island said they were moving out.


Not that I didn’t fully expect it, really. The people who had moved out before are their best friends and they were getting an island, so you know, why pay me rent when they could move over there and be with their best friends? I can understand that.

But now? That leaves me with over 15,000sqm of land that I MUST get rented out. I’ve pretty much decided how much I need to charge on a monthly basis for the land. I can cut it into 4 sections, or halve it, or rent the whole thing. But I have to KNOW the people I rent to. It would be easy to just list it for rent and let anyone move in, but I just simply won’t do that to myself or the rest of of the residents on the island. Whoever moves can’t put up some crazy ugly building or totally screw up the look of the island. I don’t want anyone who is going to act like a fool or get bitchy for no reason or use a lot of lag producing scripts. Basically I want renters like the ones I already have. Quiet, tasteful, fun, and sweet. And they have to not mind my little mountain. LOL

Ugh ugh ugh. lol This whole land owning thing kinda sucks a bit. But I won’t let this island go. I just can’t.

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The following is JUST AN OPINION.

If you read fashion blogs, or most any blog, you’ve probably seen all the hubbub over the newest content theft drama. [Actually, wasn’t that dramatic until the fashion bloggers got a hold of it.] The gist of it is that the fashion bloggers had promoted a certain skin designer, and now an even bigger skin designer says that he stole her skins, which if you look at the pictures, is probably very true. Now the fashionista bloggers are all up in arms, wondering why they weren’t told since apparently this issue has been going on between these two people for a while, asking the question…

Won’t somebody PLEASE think of the bloggers?!

I don’t see it that way. Hey, you know, newspapers retract stuff all the time. Not all information that you’re given is going to be correct. The best you can do is say “Sorry about that, I didn’t know,” take down your pictures & the blog posts in question, and go on with your day. Not like we’re reporting for CNN or something. It’s SL fashion. I’m not a really a fashion blogger, although I LOVE when a designer thinks enough of my writing and of my readers to ask me to promote one of their creations. But if JillyJo Designs gives me a shirt to blog, and I do, and it turns out that it actually was a stolen creation from Big Time Clothing Co., and I didn’t know that, then the best I can do is write, “I didn’t know, I’m sorry to BTC, and I’m sorry to all of you.” And that’s it. Poof. Done. Because in the end, it comes down to BTC going after JillyJo. In the end, there is not all that much I can do. I can’t file the DMCA for BTC, you know?

The people that we should be looking out for are the shoppers. Yes, the ones who read what is said, look at the pictures, and go spend their money. Please do not give me all that about how every fashion blogger spends boocoos of bucks to blog designs. You know you get stuff for free, I know you get stuff for free, everyone knows. But the shoppers are the ones who REALLY need to be looked out for. They’re out there spending money and really promoting the designs by wearing them. I’ve had many people tell me, “I went and bought this dress because I saw you in it on your blog.” Well, damn, I didn’t spend $500L on it but someone else did. And that’s the person that’s going to be hurting if it gets removed from the grid because it’s proved to be stolen, or when they find that they feel bad wearing it because now it’s been blogged that it’s wrong.

I guess what I’m getting at is don’t get all wild over “save the bloggers.” We have an outlet to voice our opinions and we do it every day. Save the people who trust what we say enough to go spend the money. Content theft sucks, ok? It does. But the best we can do is try to go on good faith that the information we get is truthful, and if it’s not, we can say so. But no witch hunts, and no drama, please.

And that’s the last you’ll hear from me on this subject. 🙂

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This is my mad face. >:-|

Not much work done for Tuesday. I can get very into building but the moment I’m out of it, I’m out for days.

Right now I’m in a terrible mood. Started when I woke up from my nap, and it was getting better as I got to spend some time with Levi. But the other human in my house decided he needed “5 minutes” to switch out the routers. 5 minutes turned into almost 30 and by the time I was able to log back in, Levi had gone to bed. Sorry, baby. If I’d known it was going to take so long, I wouldn’t have logged out in the first place.

I picked out the new building for my store tonight. It’s big and airy. Cen & Rick spent hours tonight tearing the pit up. I’m actually in the middle now of trying to move my items over to the new store so I can reset the classifed, but SL is not cooperating.

I have my Crankypants on tonight. Big time.

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Go buy a cat or something.

Ok, so the Cheap Summer Fun set is now up for sale in my store. $25L for your own silly thing. 🙂 And down kind of below it is the vendor for the Mean Little Kittens. It’s small, but you can’t miss it. I know, $500L is a lot to drop on a kitten. LOL But it’s just soooooo cute, and there ARE two of them…so heck, split with a friend. 🙂

I’m supposed to be going somewhere today but I have the biggest darn headache. Maybe I’ll just stay home, go back to bed for a couple of hours, and wake up in time for the I Love Lucy marathon The CW seems to be running today.

Oh, and just in a random bitch because I have a headache – I haven’t been following the freebie blogs lately because it’s either crap or there’s so much going on, I can’t figure out what’s free and what’s not. Ever heard of the KISS philosophy? Keep It Simple, Sweetie. Keep It Stylish, Sweetie, too, please. LOL

I need some more sleep. LOL