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Day 194 – She’ll wear it for weeks

Long day. I am so so tired.

I’m playing stylist for someone that is going to be on the Paisley Beebe show next month. I used to do makeovers here and there a while back, but this is the first time in a long time. I’m really excited about it, but also racking my brain to think of the best places to go to get things that are gorgeous, non-hoochie, and good for sitting in front of the camera. Like, I think a skirt will be out, just because when you sit in a skirt, it goes into the chair, and that’s so rarely a good look. And you know, I know where *I* like to shop. But I don’t quite know her taste. I think it’ll be fun, though, and I’ll be sure to show you guys pics of the transformation.

But since I was thinking about makeovers, I realized that Piper, my poor little neglected female alt, hasn’t had her look updated in QUITE a while. Not since that whole LE Look thing. Marnix says she’s like my little sister who gets my cast-offs. It’s true. You should see her Last Call folder. But mostly, she doesn’t get a lot of time out in the world.

Since she does get so very little time out in the world [maybe once or twice every other week, at most, unless there are a lot of group gifts coming out], I don’t spend much money on her. Luckily I found some great freebies by returning to the freebie blogs and by looking at XStreet. She’s also got a shape that I created to try to recreate one of my characters from Dragon Age. It didn’t quite work here, but I don’t know, I think she’s cute.


Phoe says she looks a little trashy. Hey, that’s cool. LOL I think it’s the hair.

It’s fun to dress up my little alt, but I still enjoy dressing myself up a whole lot more.


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