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day 263 – What does it meeeaaaannnnn????

I was in a bad mood earlier today. I mean, just a foul, bear of a mood. Well, it was easily remedied by eating, but while I was all angry, I was watching some of the YouTube videos I’ve marked in my favorites. One of them happens to be the Double Rainbow guy. I can’t help it. He’s hysterical! And I love to watch videos of people filled with joy, and honey, it doesn’t get more joyful than that!

I went to XStreet to try to find one, but I couldn’t seem to find a listing for a double rainbow. I turned to Plurk, as I usually do, and of course the adorable Aisuru offered to make one for me. I love itttttt!!!


DOUBLE RAINBOW! It’s too muchhhhh! Double raaaaiiinnnnbowwww…. It’s so intense!

Nothing like a pork chop and a double rainbow. It makes every mood better!

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