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Day 3 – Finishing the vows

Ooh damn y’all. We are coming down TO it.

This evening I spent a couple of hours finishing my vows. I totally teared up while finishing them up, I’ll admit it. Who wouldn’t cry while writing nice stuff about their future husband?? :-p

Day 3 - Finishing The Vows

There’s not really all that much to report today. We really finished up the main bulk of the shopping and stuff last night so today has been quiet. But we’re heading into the weekend and I just know I’m going to start getting more and more crazy.

Actually, I was getting kind of nuts about the “Something old, something new” bit. My dress, shoes, and hair are new. I’ll be wearing a very old pair of earrings from Flirt. My shoes are blue. But the something borrowed bit was troubling me. Luckily, Ulaa reminded me that Sixx loaned us the reception tables, so that totally counts as my something borrowed. Woot!

I keep having crazy dreams about the wedding. Night before last, I dreamed that we were at the church and Ulaa wasn’t there. I kept running to the window to see if she was there yet and she wasn’t. Then people I hadn’t invited, like an old sorority sister and my RL Bestie and her hubby, showed up and I was struggling to add them to the access list really fast. Then when it was time to get to the altar, I took the wrong turn and got lost and ended up running all over trying to get up to where Aldwyn was. The minister was drunk and kept baptizing him at the altar. I don’t know what any of that meant!! Then LAST night, I had another dream that I couldn’t quite get to the altar and I kept trying to call, despite the fact that I was pretty close by. And then only 2-3 people showed up for the reception and I was so upset!

I really hope that these dreams are my way of working out any worries and that nothing like that actually happens on Sunday. Of course, when I told Al that I was worried about the whole getting lost to the altar part, he told me that if I got lost, he’d come and find me. Awww. That’s my man!

3 thoughts on “Day 3 – Finishing the vows

  1. YES the tables ARE borrowed! I want them back in good order, please clean the linens of any stains and for heavens sake don't do anything nasty on my tables!!! lol

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