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Day 214 – Ya know what grinds my gears?

So Miss Berry did it again and gave us a new meme – Pet Peeves! So immediately I thought of that Family Guy episode where Peter gets a news segment “You Know What Really Grinds My Gears?” and he just comes up with just the most random junk that he hates. I feel like that’s totally me.

This picture also has nothing to do with the meme, but I thought it was cute, so I’m using it today.

Day 214 - Ya know what grinds my gears?

Please remember that these are MY opinions and if you get butthurt, that’s kind of not my problem. πŸ™‚

My Pet Peeves:

1. Terraforming!! Not the whole act of it really, but there aren’t enough controls! You know what I really want when I’m terraforming? A PUSH control. Sometimes I don’t want to have to lower and smooth and flatten. I just want to shove a piece of land to the side. And the select feature! Does it always have to be a square? Why can’t we take a tip from Photoshop and have like a magic lasso so we can draw where we need to do stuff! It would really make for more interesting sims.

2. Creators and bloggers who have a very undeserved sense of accomplishment. Okay, so you made a dress or a pair of pants or a chair or a pose. Hundreds of designers make dresses and pants and chairs and poses every single day. There’s a good chance yours are not any better than any one else’s, so why do you think that you’re so damn amazing, everyone should be beating down your door to buy your stuff? And bloggers! Look, a monkey could blog. It might not be a good blog, but it’ll be a blog. Some bloggers do an AMAZING job and I fully admit that and they should celebrate that. But in most cases, your blog isn’t all that much more special than any other blog and if you’re upset that no one is throwing you a party every time you post something, that’s all on you. In both cases, you should do it because YOU love doing it, not because you expect accolades.

3. People on plurk who plurk almost nothing but private jokes to a few special people in public OR who use it to rant Every. Single. Day. It’s social media – be social! Invite other people to be in on the joke once in a while or just take it to private plurk so the rest of us don’t have to see it. Stop telling the world everything that’s bad in your life and tell them what is good! And if you ARE going to rant, tell us EXACTLY why you are ranting, don’t just use it as your little attention whorey spot of the web because when something truly IS bad? No one is going to care.

4. People who think their shape is the end all and be all of Second Life. Honey, with a few tweaks to the sliders, anyone could look just like you. But the chances are that if you think your shape is so amazingly special that you haven’t changed it since 2006, it probably sucks.

5. Customers who won’t take the time to read anything. I do a little bit of Ulaa’s customer service if she’s offline and someone IMs me, and it never ceases to amaze me how many people simply don’t READ anything. I’ve noticed this in store groups, too. If you want customer service, read the creator’s profile. Usually that’s where you’ll find a landmark to the store, return policies, how to get a hold of them, and if they prefer notecards or IMs. [If you’re in business in SL and you DON’T have this stuff in your profile, you’re doing it wrong.] IMing them with simply “Hey” won’t usually get you a response. Figure out what you need, find out the best way to get customer service, and go from there. Then WAIT. WAIT. These people have real lives too and your 89 cent problem is not always top priority!

You know…surprisingly, I had to struggle a bit with this list. I have way more pet peeves in RL than I do in SL at this point. Progress, I say! πŸ™‚

6 thoughts on “Day 214 – Ya know what grinds my gears?

  1. Number 5 is so up there for me as well. If they just took that extra few minutes to read, their lives (along with mine) would be SO much easier. Thanks for participating!

  2. Apart from a couple of small tweaks I've had the same shape since 2007. So do I suck? I do change my skin every 1-2 years and I find that more than anything can greatly impact my looks.

    Ho hum, another year another “I hate list” defining who is and is not cool. I'll pass πŸ˜›

  3. I didn't say the PERSON sucks, I said their shape probably sucks. Big difference. I believe, AND THIS IS JUST MY OPINION, that shapes can look totally dated in SL just like anything else. I have shapes from early 2008 that do not fit anything properly, even skins in the face. Why would I want to limit myself with an old shape when tweaking is so much fun and can make me look better? But of course, I change my skin more than once every couple of years, too.

  4. Tyrannosaurus arm avis bug me. Extremely tall glamazon avis tend to be the worst offenders.
    My biggest pet peeve are when people refuse to upgrade their viewers or give newer technology a chance. If people refuse to wear mesh, fine, but don't make blanket statements like “mesh sucks” when A) you're still on a V1-based viewer, and B) you've never tried any mesh items at all.

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