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Day 122 – Day in the life…

Have you ever wondered what goes on in the course of a day for me? No? Too bad, find out anyway.

* I woke up at “stupid o’clock” because my allergies are so bad, I couldn’t sleep last night. Immediately I started plurking because that’s how I roll.

* Texting with Sophia.

* I made my normal breakfast of an egg sandwich on toast with a big cup of coffee. Two creams, two sugars, thank you. I’m not an animal.

* Texting with Sophia.

* While I ate, I plurked and started to get ready to take pictures for my blog, and I IMed with my local best friend of almost 15 years. We decided to update our Facebook statuses every hour to annoy her husband because he said she updates too much.

* My mom called. My coffee got cold.

* Another text to Sophia.

* I downed the cold coffee because there wasn’t enough to bother warming up and found a good place to take my picture, Sophia’s yard.

* Oh. Flowers are floating. Time to terraform!

* Plurk, plurk, plurk.

* Facebook time. What? My farm is ready.

* Photoshop time. I spend about 5 minutes writing the post, and the next 20 minutes getting SLurls for it. Pain in my…

* More plurk.

* More Facebook.

* Go to the Accessories Fair to pick up the new sunglasses at Gos. Hey, cute!

* Oh, I need a shower. Warm Vanilla Sugar is my poison of choice today for lotion.

* Photoshoot with Shiryu for his new RFL items. Hey, Clothing Fair is coming up!

* Back home to get redressed for a meeting.

* Plurk, plurk, plurk.

* I take photos of the new glasses for the blog. Soph comes up and shows me her new AO. I want it. LOL

* Ok, no, really, taking photos.

* Go to Burger King, because that’s how I roll.

* Receive review copies from somewhere I’ve never heard of. That’s cool.

* Photoshop. Blog. SLurls. Go to Gos. Post the blog. Plurk the blog.

* More review copies. Oh snap. I’m going to have to be doing a lot more blogging soon.

* Plurk.

* American Idol. Grey’s Anatomy.

* Plurk.

* Thursday Night Dance Party at Rouge! I love it!

* Home at last. Whew.

And…that’s my day.


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