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Day 149 – In this one horse town, I wanna stay right here.

I haven’t been in SL too much in the past week. Last weekend it was rainy here, and I was a little bored, and so I decided to play Skyrim again for the first time since probably January. I didn’t expect to get all into it! I thought it would just be something I puttered around in for an hour or so before I went on to something else, just like last time. But nope! All kinds of into it.

But I missed my SL. I missed just wandering around our parcel. I mean, you don’t put work into building a home and not spend any time in it, right?

Day 149 - In this one horse town, I wanna stay right here

I want to be more social in SL again. We had this discussion on plurk the other day about how most of us are suffering from the same kind of mental problems. Like, I’ve been diagnosed with depression and generalized anxiety disorder. Combine that with the fact that I’m almost painfully shy, and being social, even in SL, is not always easy. Especially this time of year when my seasonal depression hits. But I figure if others have the same things I do, then why shouldn’t I put myself out there more again? Maybe they’re just as scared of IMing people to chat as I am. Maybe it would brighten someone’s day to just know that someone else was thinking of them. Who knows?

Anyway, that’s all from this side today. I am heading back to Skyrim to find a staff or something crazy.

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