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Day 338 – No shoplifters here!!

I’ve been putting all the kids to work. They spent most of last night in the yard sale area making sure there are no shoplifters. Don’t let their small size and total cuteness fool you! They are fast little ninjas!

Day 338 - No shoplifters here!!

We had SUCH a blast last night hanging out at the yard sale! Tons of people stopped by and hung out and shopped. My sis has so much stuff out! I did a fair amount of shopping myself! Once Aldwyn gets home, he’ll be adding to the lot, too, because of course there are still things I need. Although, I did put a big dent in my wish list last night just shopping off my sis and having her and Abby give me things. ♥

Speaking of shopping, it’s time to log in and hit the yard sale!!

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